BlackBerry PlayBook Wins an American Business Award!


Stevie Award

We are pleased to announce that the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet has won a 2011 Stevie Award in the category of New Product or Service of the Year – Hardware! We are very excited to have this product honored by the American Business Awards.

What are the Stevie American Business Awards?

The Stevie Awards were created to recognize achievements and positive contributions by businesses and individuals worldwide. Categories involved in the awards include Computer Services, Software, Consumer Products, and many more. To view the other winners, and to learn more about the awards, visit

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in action

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has been an exciting product to implement, and is beginning to be used in innovative ways. For example, check out how the Royal Bank of Scotland is leveraging the solution to access to global research and strategy information.

Here are a few of our favorite BlackBerry PlayBook tablet features:

1. Multitasking

Running multiple applications and media, as well as switching seamlessly between them, has never been easier. Not only is the multitasking functionality present in the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, it is also intuitive to use.

2. Adobe® Flash™

I’ve waited a long time for a mobile device that fully supports Adobe Flash in the browser; there were always a few sites that I just couldn’t access on the go due to this often missing feature. (Okay, I admit that I’m an occasional fan of Adobe Flash games too!)

3. HDMI Cable to TV

This is where it gets even more functional and fun – not only can I hook up my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to a screen to present a slideshow (or to play Need for Speed™ Undercover), it’s in full high definition.

4. BlackBerry® Bridge™

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet integrates with my email information right away when I hook up the BlackBerry Bridge application with my BlackBerry smartphone – it even integrates past messages!

5. BlackBerry PlayBook tablet apps

There’s nothing like filling up your new mobile device with applications from the BlackBerry App World™ storefront. It still amazes me to see full-screen BlackBerry platform applications running on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on its high resolution. Apps will always be one of my favorite features, and it’s a feature that keeps getting better and better as more apps are constantly being released.

What are your favorite features of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet? Share with us in the comments!

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