Sun Life Hopes to Triple Enrollment with Help From BlackBerry PlayBook


Sun Life Financial

In this featured BlackBerry® Customer Success story, international financial services company Sun Life Financial Inc. (“Sun Life”) has developed a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet app that is designed to increase group retirement enrolment. Not only is this an example of how the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can transform business, it also reveals a deeper story behind how users interact with tasks, opportunities, and workflow processes.

The Scenario

In this particular case, Sun Life trained employees of large corporations on a regular basis to help them become knowledgeable about the Group Retirement and Group Benefits programs that were being offered to them. At the end of the training, employees would be sent off with paper forms or a web address to enroll at a later point.

How Tablet-Based Technology Can Increase Conversion

Here’s where it becomes an interesting study of knowledge and action. Even though interest was high during the training itself, findings showed that only 10 percent of employees would actually fill out the forms once they had left the education session. Clearly an actionable, hands-on and simplified method of closing the loop was necessary to increase the likelihood of follow-up. The bottom line is that tablet-based technology is available today that can streamline such a wide variety of tasks, steps, or workflow engagements required by employees or customers.

Sun Life’s Solution

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

SunLife developed a custom BlackBerry PlayBook tablet application so that their clients’ employees could complete the group retirement plan enrolment forms during the education sessions.

“We chose the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet because it meets all of our business and technology needs. Company VPs like the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet because it’s compact enough to be truly handheld.”
– Jim Skipper, Chief Architect, Sun Life Financial Inc.

Along with the included security features, Adobe® Flash® support also made the BlackBerry solution a particularly robust selling point. The finished product is intuitive and easy-to-use and allows for instant action, considerably increasing the signup conversion rate and saving time. Sun Life projects that group retirement enrolment will jump from 10 to approximately 75 percent.

“It sounds crazy, but we’re looking at the possibility of a 300 percent return on investment as we roll out our BlackBerry PlayBook tablet solution.”

Check out the full case study to explore the full story of SunLife’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet solution, and how it addressed their particular issues of group enrolment and benefit signups:

Summing Up

Many organizations rely on paper or web-based workflow systems to complete a variety of processes, from training employees to completing sales. Clearly, a tablet-based solution that provides virtually instant opportunity for action on an engaging platform can provide a leap forward in technology – and a leap upward in conversion and return on investment.

It’s Your Turn

In what other areas can you see an increase in mobile technology use benefiting an organization?

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