RIM Executive Testifies Before U.S. House Subcommittee on the Role of Communications Networks in Cybersecurity


Scott Totzke, Senior Vice President of BlackBerry Security at RIM®, recently testified before the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce about the role of communications networks in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity means protecting and securing networks from all forms of attacks and ensuring that these networks continue to operate in times of crisis. Issues of security when it comes to networks, digital infrastructure, and mobility have been a long-time concern for both governments and businesses. These are issues that RIM takes seriously.

In his statement – available below via the BlackBerry SlideShare™ channel – Scott highlighted the need for the wireless industry to meet public demand for secure information and privacy, as well as practices of risk management and the provision of secure solutions for business and government. User awareness of security certifications of products is also a crucial priority when choosing the components of a secure solution. Check out the statement below for the full scoop:

When it comes to helping our customers build security into their own networks and mobility deployments, beyond the secure manageability included with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and the new BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion, BlackBerry® Balance™ technology has been a groundbreaking approach to the way that data is managed on BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets. To learn more about the BlackBerry Balance solution – which allows a robust user experience without compromising an organization’s ability to control corporate data – check out this Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog post and the BlackBerry Balance web site. How will BlackBerry Mobile Fusion and BlackBerry Balance work together? We’ve got info on that too.

For more information on BlackBerry solution security features and certifications, take a look at www.blackberry.com/security.

Is your place of work concerned about security? What steps have been taken to ensure the security of data, or prevent attacks? Share in the comments below.

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