BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Webinar Series Extended into July: Full Schedule Now Available


Hopefully you were able to check out our June webinar series on BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion, with a particular focus on the Universal Device Service component for managing iOS® and Android™ smartphones and tablets. This month, the webinar series is back, and this time we’re diving deep into BlackBerry® Device Service, the next generation device management component of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion for managing BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets and the upcoming BlackBerry® 10 platform.

There are 7 webinars scheduled throughout July; be sure to take a look at the dates below and book time in your calendar to attend. There are duplicates in the list below to help make sure that you can get all of the information that you need even if you have a conflict. The password for each webinar is “Fusion”.

July 10, 2:00pm     Installing BlackBerry Device Service and Mobile Fusion Studio
July 12, 2:00pm     Installing Universal Device Service
July 17, 2:00pm     BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Overview
July 19, 2:00pm     Installing BlackBerry Device Service and Mobile Fusion Studio
July 24, 2:00pm     Installing Universal Device Service
July 26, 2:00pm     BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Overview
July 31, 2:00pm     Installing BlackBerry Device Service and Mobile Fusion Studio

How to access the webinars

To view any of the webinar events listed above, simply click on the title link to head to the event WebEx page, use the password “Fusion” (without the quotes), and you’ll be up and running in no time.

What is BlackBerry Mobile Fusion?

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is a comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that brings security, organization, and convenience to managing smartphones and tablets in your organization. The features and components of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion include:

  • Universal Device Service for managing iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • BlackBerry Device Service for managing BlackBerry PlayBook tablets
  • Integration with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for managing existing and past BlackBerry smartphones
  • BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio: a web-based, unified console for managing devices, users, configurations, policies, and more.

Learn more on the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion website. If you’re already using BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, like Martha Stewart Living, head over to our LinkedIn Products & Services page to leave your thoughts!

What feature of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion do you see as most useful to your organization? Share in the comments below.

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