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Security image for BizblogAt Mobile World Congress (#MWC14), enterprise mobility and security were big topics this week.

The question is whether the industry can handle the onslaught of point solutions and new security issues that are arising as enterprise mobility is becoming a requirement. And, will customers be able to manage and understand the myriad of security vendors’ offerings and who is trusted to work with.

Many vendors claim to have the experience and capabilities to meet the wide breadth of needs that organizations have. But only BlackBerry has the capability to meet the end-to-end demands of highly secure environments as well as the flexibility of more open, multi-platform BYOD infrastructures. This is especially true for the regulated industry, where security demands are the highest.

Good’s Christy Wyatt said customers were calling them because BlackBerry can’t manage other devices. BlackBerry CEO John Chen rebutted saying, “BlackBerry has provided multi-platform OS management for nearly 2 years now, so let’s put that to rest. Good Technology may talk about 5,000 customers but with 30,000 new BES10 servers installed in the past year alone, I’d argue that we’re the ones getting the calls from customers.”

Pure play vendors such as Good Technology have been able to create healthy competition in the mobile MDM space, but it will be challenging for them to evolve past being just an MDM provider.

And, the approach that security can be ‘good enough’ that Good and other vendors are selling is often not good for customers. This is especially true for those in regulated industries – financial services, healthcare, insurance, government –where the highest security environments are required.

BlackBerry is also making a strategic move by investing in a new architecture that goes beyond enterprise mobility management (EMM) to an application-based environment and ecosystem that provides a highly productive end-user experience. This new enterprise mobility platform is being executed by John Sims, BlackBerry’s President of Enterprise Services, who announced a new roadmap of differentiated and secure products and services tailored to meet any enterprise’s end-to-end mobility needs. This includes a new enterprise mobility foundation, devices and applications, including a new eBBM suite for enterprise customers.

Chen goes on to say, “We’re fully transparent with our customers about what they get from us; our new pricing structure is crystal clear and most importantly, unlike other companies, when we say something is free, we mean that it’s free.”

That is why the new EZ Pass promotion gives customers the opportunity to migrate for free from BES or any other less secure MDM platforms to BES10. As BlackBerry executes on our long term vision, we’re ensuring customers will be able to easily move forward with us.

Despite the changes that the EMM market is experiencing, we will leave you with this example: BlackBerry is used and trusted by all seven of the G7 governments who recognize that BlackBerry provides the right approach to EMM with best-in-class security, management and ease-of-use that is demanded by their industry and end-users.

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