Q&A with Jeff Holleran: BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Now Available as a Hosted Service


MDM_Security_EMM_BES10BlackBerry announced today that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) will be available as a hosted service that is managed by participating partners versus an in-house IT team. This hosted service provides customers the same benefits of BlackBerry’s trusted enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution and advanced security capabilities without the need to dedicate IT resources the convenience of outsourced IT administration. The Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog discusses BES10 Hosted and what it means for hosting partners and customers with Jeff Holleran, Sr. Director, Enterprise Product Strategy, BlackBerry.

BizBlog: Is there a market for hosted enterprise mobile services?

Jeff: Absolutely. The hosted model is changing how organizations are approaching traditionally on-premise IT services. While IT spending is increasing around the globe, many organizations are investing in hosted IT services to mitigate in-house hardware and overhead costs.

BlackBerry is focused on providing enterprise customers with solutions that increase choice and flexibility for users. BES10 Hosted will deliver our secure and reliable enterprise mobility management services to customers to help them efficiently meet their business needs with the peace of mind of BlackBerry’s best-in-class security.

BizBlog: How will customers benefit from BES10 Hosted?

Jeff: BES10 Hosted is a scalable solution, meaning that businesses from one employee to thousands of employees can leverage the flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness of outsourced IT administration while still retaining a laser focus on data security. It also allows companies to provide its mobile users with a range of devices, including BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices while securely separating work and personal information by using BlackBerry Balance or BlackBerry’s Secure Work Space for iOS and Android.

BizBlog: Why is BlackBerry making BES10 available to hosting partners?

Jeff: Making BES10 available as a hosted service opens up new opportunities for BlackBerry, as well as our customers. As we focus on the enterprise market, BlackBerry understands that there are a number of ways organizations want to deploy BES10.

BES10 delivers proven BlackBerry security and controls to organizations of all sizes with mixed mobile environments. It’s optimized for multi-platform BYOD environments, as well as for industries with the most stringent security requirements. For those companies looking to control costs and limit their in-house IT resources, BES10 Hosted will allow them to deploy BlackBerry’s trusted, secure service within their organization with ease.

BizBlog: What are the benefits for hosting partners offering BES10?

Jeff: There are numerous benefits for hosting partners offering BES10 Hosted. The first benefit is the ability to offer BlackBerry’s security straight “out of the box.” With BES10 Hosted, hosting partners can now easily deploy BlackBerry’s EMM tools and security offerings to their customers.

The second benefit is that BES10 Hosted provides a simple EMM offering with a self-service user portal for easy authentication and device management. This makes it incredibly simple for our hosting partners to deploy and manage BES10 for their clients. Partners can also offer some of BlackBerry’s newest enterprise offerings to customers including BBM™ Protected and Secure Work Space for iOS and Android.

Lastly, BES10 Hosted will now give our partners access to BlackBerry’s world class multi-platform technical support with direct access to BlackBerry’s Direct Advanced Response Team and support account managers.

BizBlog: Who are some of the hosting partners that will offer BES10?

Jeff: We are working with a variety of hosting partners around the globe, with representation in each major region. The partners we announced today include Exchange My Mail, Solvitio GmbH and ISEC7 Group and we are excited that we have made BES10 available to them. Here’s what some of them had to say about today’s news:

Joerg Baumann, Chief Executive Officer of Solvito GmbH, said that with this product, he can offer customers a flexible, cost-effective and easy to handle enterprise mobility offering. With BES10 Hosted Services, Solvitio GmbH can provide BlackBerry’s best-in-class offering to customers with as little as one user to a larger organization.

Steven Daneshgar, COO of Exchange My Mail, noted that being FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) certified, coupled with the availability of BES10 Hosted, will allow his organization to offer its customers a robust hosted EMM solution for BlackBerry and third party devices. He added, “From a security perspective, I’m pleased we’re able to now offer our customers the only EMM solution that has achieved Full Operational Capability for Department of Defense Networks

Marco Gocht, CEO of ISEC7 Group, a Global Strategic BlackBerry Partner said it is proud to launch its BES10 Hosted service. He went on to note that the ISEC7 Group offers a diverse portfolio of mobile enterprise managed services, including dedicated BES10 hosting, high availability solutions, and fully managed services with the flexibility of monthly subscriptions. This will allow customers to extend their cloud strategy for mobile infrastructures.

For more information about BES10 Hosted and to become a hosting partner, visit www.blackberry.com/hosting.

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    BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Now Available as a Hosted Service | Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog

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