Awkward Physical Adapters Can’t Match BlackBerry’s Elegant Virtual SIM Solution


Inside BlackBerry

In-the-know travelers learned long ago that swapping their phone’s SIM card when crossing the border can save lots of money.

But the need for multiple SIM cards (phone numbers) is set to go mainstream, in the wake of a 2014 California ruling mandating that businesses pay for business calls, texts and data incurred by employees using their own phones for work (aka BYOD). There’s a bit of a scramble for solutions going on, and not all of them are elegant.

Take this kludgy multi-SIM adaptor that lets iPhone users handle two or three phone lines, highlighted recently by ZDNet:

iPhine SIMs

ZDNet: “The nano SIM sits in the SIM card tray along with the tail of the . . . adapter so that it makes contact with the SIM card pin assembly inside the handset (yes, that ribbon cable is thin enough to fit between the SIM tray and the…

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