This Lawyer Lost – And Found! – 2 BlackBerry Phones That Survived Months of Winter. Here’s How.


Inside BlackBerry

Have you ever lost your smartphone and been surprised when someone returns it?

Well for Paul Grespan, an Ontario, Canada lawyer, it’s happened twice. And the arduous journeys his BlackBerry devices took are a testament to the unmatched durability of BlackBerry and the kindness of strangers.

IMG_20150417_183524 Paul Grespan in Waterloo with his dogs. Credit: Grespan family.

Is that a BlackBerry on the top of that car?

After a long day of work in late October 2014, Paul left the office and realized before he got into his car that he’d forgotten something. Trying to juggle a briefcase, files and his BlackBerry Q10, he left his BlackBerry on the roof of his car while he quickly ran back inside. In the flurry of activity, he forgot about his BlackBerry on the rooftop and drove away. Once he realized his mistake, Paul stopped and checked for it, even driving back to…

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