BlackBerry and Samsung Take BYOD and Security Solutions to Enterprise Customers


shakinghands_banner_550When BlackBerry announced it was partnering with Samsung to deliver a secure, end-to-end solution for Samsung KNOX devices, pundits were pleasantly surprised. But, the announcement in November was just the beginning. In March, the two companies announced they are also integrating two great BlackBerry enterprise services — WorkLife by BlackBerry and SecuSUITE — with Samsung KNOX.

Announcements are one thing. But, a true partnership means working together. That’s why Samsung and BlackBerry are teaming up to present this suite of solutions directly to enterprise customers. A series of customer events are underway around the world that bring representatives from BlackBerry, Samsung and enterprise customers together to explore what an integrated BlackBerry/Samsung KNOX solution can do to enhance enterprise mobility.

italyinvite_croppedThe events feature presentations by representatives from both BlackBerry and Samsung as well as a demonstration of the solution in action. Already, there have been six events in the U.S. with over 300 customers; eight in Canada with nearly 350 customers and co-events in Spain and Germany and France. And, customer response has been enthusiastic.

Over 80 percent of the attendees to the event in Canada said ‘yes’ to evaluating the Samsung/BlackBerry solution. And, feedback at the U.S. events was equally positive. Attendees, including decision makers from Fortune 500 healthcare, retail, food and beverage, financial services and media and technology companies, as well as a number of representatives from government agencies, were asked to summarize what they had heard in one word. Their responses: Innovative … Game changer …Transformational …Inspiring … Adoption. 

These events are designed to be not only informative, but highly interactive. One of our U.S. events was moderated by Sanjog Aul from CIO Talk Radio. The room was abuzz from the beginning of the day, as Sanjog asked the tough questions to BlackBerry and Samsung executives: “Why should enterprise still be interested in BlackBerry? And what is with this Samsung and BlackBerry dating?”  This opened up great discussion, and both customers and BlackBerry/Samsung were able to discuss key pain points and solutions for their business.

Engaging with the CIO’s in the audience revealed that 70 to 80 percent don’t have a mobile strategy and are operating on an ad-hoc basis when introducing new devices and policies into their organizations. BES12’s multi-OS support, including its strong support for KNOX, gives CIO’s the foundation for a flexible, yet well thought out, mobile strategy.

These joint events will continue throughout the year. Find out what’s getting enterprise customers so excited: sign up here to find out when an event is happening near you, or to simply learn more about this tightly integrated, end-to-end secure solution.

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