WorkLife Tackles the Financial and Privacy Challenges of BYOD and COPE, Helping Enterprises AND Carriers. Here’s How.


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Everyone hates expense reports. Employees hate filling them out, and managers hate the lost productivity– an average of $20 worth of worker time per report, according to IT World Canada.

Problem is – BYOD multiplied the number of expense reports. Suddenly, employees using personal phones at work had to expense their monthly phone bills, creating extra work for HR and benefits teams everywhere.

BYOD — sometimes called Bring Your Own Disaster — brought other challenges. Take worker privacy. If employees are mandated to use their personal phone at work, that means they must give out their personal number to colleagues and customers. That may violate employee rights in the European Union, according to a recent article in InsideCounsel magazine.

BYOD can also put company revenue and relationships at risk. When employees using a personal phone for work leave the company, they take their phone number with them. Customers, suppliers and other work contacts will keep calling your ex-employee, not your company.

The Challenges of COPE

As an alternative to BYOD, many companies are embracing Corporate-Owned, Personally-Enabled (COPE) policies, especially in highly-regulated businesses such as financial services and healthcare. While COPE policies dodge some of the concerns above, it can still cause expense reports to proliferate.

Enter WorkLife — an automatic split-billing service from BlackBerry offered via mobile carriers. Companies can benefit by reducing the workload on the HR and technical support staffs and improving expense management in both BYOD and COPE environments. WorkLife can also reduce the risk of lost sales revenue and key corporate relationships. Employees win by eliminating the complicated work of keeping their business and privates lives completely separate on their phones. And carriers can boost their revenue stream as they shift their focus to new growth opportunities.

Mobile is still an important business communication tool and needs a dedicated number that is different from personal number. WorkLife enables carriers to provision multiple phone numbers to the physical SIM in an employee’s smart phone. For the user, it lets them separate their work life from their personal life without the need to carry a second phone. And for the carrier, it provides a value-added service that protects corporate assets.

“We are excited because we can incorporate this into an offer that appeals to enterprise customers,” said a senior product manager for a large European carrier in a new white paper from tech publisher IDG sponsored by BlackBerry. Operators give enterprises a discount that they can pass onto the employees, but all under the employee’s bill. “As a result, users have the convenience of one device rather than running, charging and paying for two different devices. And, it gives corporations and employees a way to accurately share costs and avoid regulatory and administrative burdens.”

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