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Before I came to Research In Motion® (RIM), I was the publisher of a small local magazine that kept me running around from early morning till late at night. I was so swamped with tasks every day that I felt like I didn’t even have time to investigate ways that I could save myself time or make the business more money. It was a strange predicament to be in – I loved what I was busy with, but I just felt so bogged down!

Yet instead of having to block hours of time at the beginning, middle and end of my day to respond to email, return calls, update our social media and review proofs, I COULD have done all of those things when I had a free moment before a journalist arrived or a customer was ready to chat with me. What I know now is that this is a common issue with many Small and Medium-sized business owners – ones who are balancing so many different roles in a day.

If any of this sounds like it’s something you’re dealing with, I hope that you’ll take just a bit of your day’s time to check out a couple of these new BlackBerry® Customer Success Stories. They are a quick read, and are real-life examples of customers who are using the BlackBerry® smartphone solution to provide better service to their clients, keep cash flow moving and stay up-to-date with the flow of their business. Taking a couple minutes now could save you hours of time later – and hopefully give you a little piece of mind that there are ways to make your day-to-day just a little bit more manageable.

  • California Burrito Company: a fast food restaurant chain in Latin America with over 100 employees. They’re using Documents To Go® for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry Messenger™ (BBM) and Windows® Live Messenger to manage multiple locations and a growing staff while out of the office. Click here to see the full story.
  • Duncan and Craig LLP: One of the oldest law firms in Alberta, Canada with 140 employees. This company was already using BlackBerry smartphones, but they implemented a A4P®-Professional (link) to let their staff track billable hours from their devices to help them save time and money. Click here to see the full story.
  • You can also go here to check out more Customer Success Stories that are in your industry, or to watch a video featuring a few of our customers and how they’re using BlackBerry smartphones to do business better. There are new Customer Success Stories being released all the time, so I’ll let you know when more become available.

    I’d love to hear about how you use BlackBerry smartphones to improve your business – please post a comment!

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