BBVA’s BlackBerry smartphone applications “shake up” the company


At this year’s BlackBerry Innovation Forum event held in Madrid, Luis Uguina, Chief Mobility Officer, explained how BBVA has integrated BlackBerry® smartphones and applications. The aim of the deployment was to provide employees with added value, increase company productivity and maximise the return on investment made in the BlackBerry® solution:

“We started mobilising the company three years ago and have never looked back.

BBVA is the second biggest bank in Spain and one of the top ten in the world. With more than 150 years’ experience in the sector, it has over 110,000 employees in more than 30 countries and over 47 million customers. In a company like BBVA, employees need to stay in touch with each other and the decisions made at HQ often affect the other countries where the bank has operations. We host regular trips for employees to other companies in the group, so the ability to work in mobility is a major advantage for BBVA, its staff and customers. For all these reasons, BBVA is among the 80% of Spanish banks that have put their trust in the BlackBerry solution.

Employee and customer feedback is imperative when developing applications for BlackBerry smartphones that are integrated into the workforce. It is so important to us at BBVA that we actually see it as “borrowing the intelligence of BBVA employees”. As well as talking directly to those involved, we also have a dedicated suggestions box for ideas and feedback. This allows for the discovery of solutions that are in line with user needs and which, in turn, improve their quality of life, increase company productivity and maximise the infrastructure offered by the BlackBerry platform and BBVA’s investment in the solution. In-house development is crucial, as it allows development team members to listen closely and understand the needs of their colleagues – the best way to maximise usability and ensure the best user experience.

The key factors for success for applications that are developed for BlackBerry smartphones used by the Group include simplicity, utility and usability. The solutions are under constant review, a continuous task that is vital to ensuring that structure, design and functionality all evolve in line with user needs and habits.

We chose the BlackBerry platform because it is the only platform on the market that offers reliability in terms of the future. Furthermore, it provides stability, it is a solution that is native to the corporate environment and provides maximum integration.

Our mobile head of mobile banking demonstrated an application that at first glance might seem very simple, but which is, in fact, a currency converter that goes one step further. It detects the country of origin and the country where the user is geopositioned via the carrier to which the user is connected. This enables an exchange rate to be provided instantly for the currency that the user requires.

The BlackBerry platform and our work with the solution to mobilise the company has created a mobile culture in which the smartphone is by now part of the service offer for users (both internal and external). In fact, BBVA has more than 25 mobile projects, 15 of which have been implemented in the last 3 months.”

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