Paul’s Challenge: No Laptops Allowed!


Hi everyone – my name’s Paul. I’ve worked at Research In Motion® (RIM) for over eight years as a Technical Account Manager, and I’m now the Manager of Technical Services for the Enterprise Sales group at RIM. For the past few months, I’ve been making a deliberate effort to conduct all of my work on my BlackBerry® smartphone (a BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone, to be exact). This project started very slowly, but with each week, I learn what I can do to keep my laptop at home.

I started while on a business trip to Chicago, and although I had my laptop present, I tried to keep it in my bag. The next trip was to San Francisco, and once again, I had my laptop with me – but this time it stayed in the hotel room. For all of my meetings, I relied on BlackBerry® Presenter.

Before the holidays I tried my first official week where my laptop didn’t even make it on the plane – I was able to do all my work laptop free! Through January, as I head off to a week-long conference, I plan to leave my laptop at home. Very liberating – and all thanks to my BlackBerry smartphone!

In this series of posts, I plan to cover off some helpful tips and best practices that I’ve learned through this experiment, as well as providing a bit of background on the accessories and apps that make working without a laptop easy.

So here we go! A couple of quick tips for working solely from your BlackBerry smartphone:

1. In the “Files” application, map to your personal drive. This is a great way to keep documents easily accessible between your laptop and device. Think of it as your secure cloud hard drive. To do this:
a. Launch the “Files” application
b. In the “Go to” section at the top of the app type the path to your network drive. It will most likely be in the following format “//server name/folder name”
** You’ll need to be connected to a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and have IT permissions for this.

2. Create a folder on your MicroSD card called “USB Thumb” and keep files that you would frequently share with your customers or team. I also store commonly used documents and product information here, where it is easily accessible.

3. Tips for getting the most out of your BlackBerry smartphone battery:
a. Reduce the backlight timing and brightness (Options > Screen/keyboard)
b. Turn keytones off (Options > Screen/keyboard)
c. Use headphones when using Media.
d. Utilize “Bedside Mode” when charging (I always use my BlackBerry smartphone as my alarm clock, so it’s beside the bed but it doesn’t have to be a nightlight!)
e. Check out some more hints for conserving BlackBerry smartphone battery power.

I’ll be back with the second post in this series later this month. In the meantime, feel free to start conducting your own experiment and let me know how it goes. Happy New Year!

About Paul S.

Paul is Manager of Technical Services for the Enterprise Sales Technical Team at Research In Motion® (RIM®). Paul's teams of six technical managers are responsible for RIM’s largest global accounts in North America. He's presented to a wide range of audiences in the United States and Europe on the development options, benefits and strengths of the BlackBerry platform. Highlights from Paul's time with RIM include setup and support of the BlackBerry smartphone installation for the Office of President George Bush (41st), launch of the BlackBerry platform in Barbados, onsite technical training to global wireless carriers and partners, and presenting as a six time speaker at RIM’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium (now BlackBerry World). Prior to RIM, Paul worked for a small consulting firm that developed applications on Lotus Domino business solutions.

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