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BlackBerry Technical Support Services

For those of you not familiar with the service, BlackBerry® Technical Support Services provides businesses with reliable and affordable technical support directly from the BlackBerry technical support experts. Today I’m excited to highlight several enhancements that have been made to the BlackBerry Technical Support Services!

Here are a few changes that we’re excited to announce:

Training Discounts

Training and learning programs can positively impact knowledge and productivity, and to make our BlackBerry platform training programs even more accessible, we’ve added discounts to several of our service levels to make them even more affordable. Check out the Small & Medium Business or Enterprise websites, where we outline details for all these features.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Trade-Up Key

We’ve worked to make it easier than ever to upgrade an older BlackBerry® Enterprise Server – we’re including a trade-up key in several different support contracts, depending on the level of support contract you choose. Better yet, these trade-up keys allow you to a one-time upgrade to BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 or BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express 5.0 at no further cost!

Designated Senior Technical Analyst (DSTA)

This is a new service we are offering which we’re very excited about. In an effort to develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with your organization, we’ve made available “Designated Senior Technical Analysts”(“DSTA”) for customers in the Premium support tier. Your DSTA is a knowledgeable resource that will visit you onsite once a month to ensure that your systems are running smoothly and will assist you with any planning initiatives you may have that are related to your BlackBerry® solution.

Along with expanding availability of preventive services like Health Checks and Change Management Planning, there’s a ton of additional services and features now available. For more detailed information on pricing and service levels, check out BlackBerry Technical Support Services for your Small & Medium Business or Enterprise. You can also contact a Reseller to chat about your options.

Tech support is a unique field of work, often resulting in many interesting stories. What’s the most memorable question that you’ve ever been asked by a user?

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