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The way that we learn is rapidly changing, and the tools that are used in educational environments are changing just as quickly. The above video demonstrates how social learning, direct communication and on-demand media can empower professors, students and educational organizations – all through the use of BlackBerry® solutions. The video highlights how Wilfrid Laurier University partnered with Research In Motion® (RIM®) to provide BlackBerry® smartphones to MBA students, giving them access to mobile learning tools and better ways to collaborate with their classmates. The University faculty were also given BlackBerry smartphones, and the school and the Student Union have developed mobile apps.

Of particular note is BlackBerry pushcast software, which has been designed to allow creation and distribution of rich-media content to a variety of individual users and groups. The key relevance of BlackBerry pushcast software to education is the fact that beyond the text, videos, and photos, the solution additionally offers testing, quizzes, and tracking. Finally, the solution is designed to be secure, and to allow users to use it confidently in the most rigorous of academic scenarios.

Education, however, is just the beginning. BlackBerry pushcast software is being used around the world by a wide variety of industries for everything from weekly sales reports to training videos for new employees. Find out more about BlackBerry pushcast!

How do you think BlackBerry technology could positively impact education?

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