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BlackBerry Resource Center

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike of our Communication & Collaboration Services group to discuss the new BlackBerry® Resource Center and all that it has to offer. Check it out below!

Can you give me some background on yourself and your role at Research In Motion® (RIM®)?

I manage the Business-to-Business IT Marketing Programs for North America. My focus is on helping our customers and prospects stay up to date with all of the products in our ever-expanding portfolio, as well as to understand what they are, how they work, how to leverage and manage them, and the benefits they can bring to any organization in terms of efficiency, security, and new revenue opportunities.

What is the BlackBerry Resource Center?

The BlackBerry Resource Center is the single source for all IT and business BlackBerry webcasts, white papers, videos, demos, partner solutions and more. It’s more than just a website library; the BlackBerry Resource Center is a complete online events platform which gives us the flexibility to share information in a variety of ways. Some examples of shared documents include live and archived webcasts, on-demand white papers, case studies and videos, interactive collaboration and demo sessions, and one-on-one or one-to-many chats with BlackBerry product experts from RIM or our alliance partners.

I’ll break the space down and describe a few of its components, all of which anyone can access once they’ve registered and logged in:

  • Conference Hall: The Conference Hall hosts the webcasts and live Q&A sessions.
  • Solution Showcase: This is what you would call the tradeshow floor in a physical conference. Here you can browse BlackBerry and partner booths to access collateral, watch videos, and most importantly, chat with company representatives in order to get answers to your questions.
  • Resource Center: This is where all of the on-demand materials are located and easily sorted by media type. If you are looking for specific information, simply use the Advanced Search function to help you find what you need.
  • Collaboration Room: This is where we will hold live desktop sharing sessions on a variety of topics.
  • Special Offers: As new offers become available, we’ll post them here in addition to all of the other ways that people find out about special offers.
  • Help Desk: This is where you can run a system check to ensure that you are able to leverage all that the space has to offer, or get troubleshooting help on the Resource Center functionality directly from a technical representative.

And many, many more! The personal content management is one of the greatest overall benefits, allowing you to store material that interests you in a virtual briefcase, among other functionality.

What unique benefit can the resource center provide?

For one, this is all about simple, consolidated access to information. We want the resource center to be your hub for all IT and BlackBerry business information. The second thing is that this is not just about information consumption – we want this to be about collaboration and interaction. If you have questions after reviewing materials, then we’ve included ways for you to get answers through IM chat or email.

I think it’s also important to acknowledge what the resource center isn’t. It isn’t a place for software downloads, tech support, or product technical documentation. However, the good news is that those things are always available on!

Who is the resource center targeted towards?

A lot of the content today is geared towards IT managers and business decision-makers who need to ensure they have the information required to help them manage their BlackBerry solution and, more importantly, ensure that they are leveraging all of the great capabilities our solution has to offer.

How’s the webcast series going?

Great! The feedback that we’re getting is that people love the Resource Center, and they love to see the webcast schedule so they can ensure they don’t miss an important session. Plus, a lot of the series is focused on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet in the enterprise, which we’ve seen a lot of interest in. We’re also working on additional sessions so you’ll see the list of topics continue to grow.

Another great thing about the BlackBerry Resource Center is the ability to run multiple sessions simultaneously, so look for us to hold multi-track full day events in the future.

Thanks Mike!

To explore what the resource center has in store for you – and to register for your free account – head over to the BlackBerry Resource Center and check it out for yourself!

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