Our 100th Post to the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog!


Friends and readers, it is my privilege to announce that this is the 100th post to the Inside BlackBerry® for Business Blog. It’s been a fantastic period of growth over the recent months, and we’re very proud of everyone who has been involved in driving engaging and relevant content for our readers.

Most of all, we want to thank you for helping to shape what the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog is today with your many comments, thoughts, and tweets. We have many more exciting blog posts, series, features, interviews, and announcements planned over the rest of the summer and far beyond.

What’s Exciting on the Blog These Days?

Quite a number of things! First I’d like to highlight Paul’s great post “Paul’s Challenge: PlayBook Edition”. You may recall Paul’s previous blog post series on his “No-Laptop Challenge” in which he traveled for business using only his BlackBerry® smartphone to accomplish all of his work and tasks. Well, with the award-winning BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet now in his hands, it’s time for round 2! Paul’s home office is powered only by BlackBerry devices, and he’ll be documenting his progress as he sets up his office and works diligently on his projects (although we wish he could blog full time!). In fact, his first post in the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet edition of his challenge has already been published.

As well as Paul’s Challenge, we have a gold mine of Small/Medium Business (SMB)-relevant content on the way from members of our SMB segments group, who will be helping to coordinate and author blog posts relating to a whole host of valuable tips, resources, and information for SMBs. A good example of one of these is the Start and Grow Your Business project that is certainly worth checking out.

Thanks again, and here’s to another 100 posts!

We hope that you’ve benefited and gained insight from the blog posts so far, and that you’re looking forward for what’s in store for the future. Stay tuned!

What has been your favourite post on the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog so far? Answer in the comments!

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@Luke_Reimer is a Senior Marketing Manager at BlackBerry helping to design, launch, and manage enterprise marketing programs - particularly concerning content across digital mediums. Beyond spreading BlackBerry goodness in enterprise communities, you can find Luke cooking up a storm, out on his motorcycle (when Canadian weather allows), or digging into a good science fiction book.

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