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BlackBerry MVS

BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System (MVS) 5.1 with voice over Wi-Fi® calling is now available for Avaya in North America, in addition to the existing North American Cisco® and Mitel® functionality to support BlackBerry MVS. BlackBerry MVS is available to the UK through the Cisco® platform. This connection system allows calls to be transferred between networks, further enhancing employee connectivity. For details, check out

What is BlackBerry Mobile Voice System?

BlackBerry MVS provides the opportunity for unique cost savings by unifying the broad array of voice hardware into single handheld devices. Full control of the connection – as well as managing incoming and outgoing calls – rests with the company, and comes complete with a variety of options and settings for administrators. BlackBerry MVS was designed to: boost productivity, enable IT groups to manage calls, allow employees to remain easily connected to the organization without the need for a desk phone, and to deliver overall value through increased mobility and connectivity.

So What’s the Benefit?

Beyond conceptualizing the idea of unifying mobile communications and managing voice packets with ease, there are tangible bottom-line benefits to MVS. For example, consider the cost savings of voice plans once a percentage of your company’s calls are routed via WiFi. Concerning hardware, consider how much an average desk phone costs, and imagine the savings of cutting this expense time and time again. Lastly, picture a new employee that has less to learn due to less hardware and more unified systems, saving you the cost of time and increasing the speed at which he or she begins to contribute productively. Clearly the positive impact of MVS extends beyond the full list of features, beyond the supporting concepts and industry trends, and spreads throughout your organization in a surprising number of ways.

Real World Example

An example of BlackBerry MVS finding success in application can be found in LTT Vending Group, one of the UK’s leading independently-owned vending machine company. LTT Vending Group implemented BlackBerry MVS to further enhance their existing BlackBerry® solution, increasing phone and customer relationship management efficiency, as well as company image. Because the implementation of BlackBerry MVS unified all employee voice communications to one phone number each, the availability of employees increased and the customer experience was simplified. In cost savings alone, LTT Vending predicts that the solution will provide a 50% cost savings on their communications bills in just over a year, which would provide a full return on the investment.

Learn More

To learn more about BlackBerry MVS 5.1, head over to, and to explore the details of the mentioned example, view the LTT Vending Group (UK) Case Study.

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