Paul’s Challenge, BlackBerry PlayBook Edition: Setting Up the Mobile Office


Setting up a mobile office with a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

For the last several months during my first “challenge”, I talked about traveling with just a BlackBerry® smartphone and a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. But what about extending this concept to the home office? Over the next few months, that is exactly what I’ll be discussing, starting with setting up your work space at home. (Oh, and before you ask, writing this entire post plus the images were all done on my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and/or BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone!)

Let’s approach this post as a suggestion on what you can use to have a proper, modern home office setup. I’m a big fan of the onscreen keyboard on both the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and my BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone, but when I’m in my home office I need a physical keyboard. You can pair up a native Bluetooth® keyboard (this doesn’t require a USB dongle) and mouse for full control of your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Next, I found a great portable stand, which keeps the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet upright so I’m able to use the screen when necessary. It also keeps it at the perfect angle to do video chats (we will discuss video chat in a later post).

I wouldn’t categorize a monitor as a “necessity” but it is nice to have, and with the HDMI port from my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, I’m able to plug directly in to the monitor and get a very nice look and feel. That HDMI cable is going to be your go-to companion in your home office and on the road.

Setting up a mobile office with a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

A few other items that round out the mobile office setup would be these nice foldable BlackBerry stands, a USB splitter to charge both my device, and a headset.

Do you have a similar setup? Share your personal favorite home office equipment in the comments!

About Paul S.

Paul is Manager of Technical Services for the Enterprise Sales Technical Team at Research In Motion® (RIM®). Paul's teams of six technical managers are responsible for RIM’s largest global accounts in North America. He's presented to a wide range of audiences in the United States and Europe on the development options, benefits and strengths of the BlackBerry platform. Highlights from Paul's time with RIM include setup and support of the BlackBerry smartphone installation for the Office of President George Bush (41st), launch of the BlackBerry platform in Barbados, onsite technical training to global wireless carriers and partners, and presenting as a six time speaker at RIM’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium (now BlackBerry World). Prior to RIM, Paul worked for a small consulting firm that developed applications on Lotus Domino business solutions.

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