Paul’s Challenge: No Laptops Allowed! – BlackBerry PlayBook Edition


BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

The next “Paul’s Challenge” that I’ve been waiting to post has arrived, and it’s all about the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. Let me be honest – even though I have been traveling without a laptop for around 9+ months, there were times that I wished I had one. That changed when I was handed a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. I can definitely say that it has added value to several aspects of my day to day work – but how has it changed my No-Laptop Challenge?

BlackBerry® Bridge™

While all the PIM’s available are extremely helpful and great to see on a larger screen, what I find the most valuable is “Bridge Files”. You may remember back on my first post I talked about the “Files” application; well, it now has new meaning with the larger screen. Not only are my files available to me, but now I can utilize them on my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Any file I have saved on my BlackBerry® smartphone – or can be pulled off of my personal network drive via “Files” – is readily available on the tablet screen. You should note that some service providers may require a tethering plan to make use of the BlackBerry Bridge application, so you should check your plan to see what features are available to you.

Enhanced Presentations

We have all experienced a ton of Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations in the course of our work. I’m not saying that you can’t mix it up on a laptop, but I haven’t seen anyone succeed. But with the HDMI output on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, not only can I carry a lightweight powerhouse, I have full 1080p resolution output and a slew of apps and features that I can use to redefine how content is presented. First, there is Slideshow To Go®, which allows me to do the traditional slide content with presentation mode. Second, I also have great apps like Sketch Book which allow me to do a range of things from simple whiteboarding to loading a picture in the background and marking it up. The great thing is that you can change the background while keeping your markups. Full color palette and the ability to save your work makes this a must have for any presenter. Add full HD product videos and browser-based Adobe® Flash® demos and it becomes unbeatable.


I am what you would call a “Power User”; I can drag the best desktops and/or laptops to their knees. This means that I am a notorious multitasker who runs many applications at all times. With my plans to scale down my home office to a BlackBerry smartphone and a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, clearly I have stringent requirements for powerful devices. The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has delivered under the pressure of this use – I always have around seven apps running, without experiencing a single hiccup or drop in speed. For power users, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is needed to perform, and when you’re relying on a device to accomplish your business goals, it must perform. And I’m pleased to share that it has met or exceeded the use and performance requirements that I’ve placed on these devices as representative of my entire home office technology.


You might be asking “What’s next for Paul’s Challenge?” Traveling without a laptop was really the first stage in my overall project. I think that it’s time to start moving on to stage two and move off of my laptop completely at my home office. With this direction in mind, get ready for my next set of blog entries covering everything BlackBerry PlayBook tablet!

About Paul S.

Paul is Manager of Technical Services for the Enterprise Sales Technical Team at Research In Motion® (RIM®). Paul's teams of six technical managers are responsible for RIM’s largest global accounts in North America. He's presented to a wide range of audiences in the United States and Europe on the development options, benefits and strengths of the BlackBerry platform. Highlights from Paul's time with RIM include setup and support of the BlackBerry smartphone installation for the Office of President George Bush (41st), launch of the BlackBerry platform in Barbados, onsite technical training to global wireless carriers and partners, and presenting as a six time speaker at RIM’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium (now BlackBerry World). Prior to RIM, Paul worked for a small consulting firm that developed applications on Lotus Domino business solutions.

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