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I recently spoke with several small business owners and entrepreneurs at the Top 100 SMB Influencers event in New York City, and one consistent theme that emerged from these conversations was how successful businesses use various forms of direct customer feedback to improve their services and products. Social media and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provide a platform for consistent and direct engagement between businesses and their customers and prospects. Research In Motion Limited (RIM®) also embraces customer and developer feedback tools.

If you’re not already aware, the BlackBerry® Beta Zone represents one of our flagship communities for providing feedback on new products and solutions. An example can be found in the BlackBerry® Mobile Conferencing app, which has brought integration and enablement for BlackBerry® smartphones to manage conference calls and bridge information. Mobile Conferencing was introduced to the BlackBerry Beta Zone on April 8th, 2011; launched on BlackBerry App World™ storefront on June 3rd,2011 and updated on August 11th, 2011. User feedback played a significant role in product development for this app.

First, the BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app was designed with an understanding that we as business teams are constantly hosting or joining conference calls, often using BlackBerry smartphones on the go or from a home office. Mobile Conferencing was the answer to the issue of having to both record and input conference information on a regular basis.

A significant amount of feedback was obtained through the BlackBerry Beta Zone from users of this app; one user in particular had concerns over the amount of conference profiles available (the original being 5), and voiced this within the community. Additionally, there were requests to improve the conference information detection algorithms to better automatically pull the information from meeting invites. The Beta Zone community managers then provided this feedback to the product development team, who increased the functionality of the app to include 10 profiles and enhanced the detection algorithms in the recent update. These are just a few examples of how forum posts by users, practically engaged with a solution, were communicated back to RIM and then included in a product update.

During some of my social community management activities over the past few months, I’ve been seeking feedback and ideas, as well as having some great conversations with BlackBerry users and business owners who face unique challenges in their daily work. Over on our BlackBerry® for Business discussion group on LinkedIn® , we’ve had discussions about features, apps, accessory wish lists, general feedback, touch screens vs. physical keyboards, and many more. It’s truly been great to see how BlackBerry solutions are being used in everyday life and work, as well as to connect directly with customers and provide an avenue for real discussion.

Where can customers provide feedback on BlackBerry products and solutions?

Does your business engage in social customer feedback? Share in the comments below.

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