Social Networking in the Enterprise: BlackBerry Innovation Forum 2011, Johannesburg


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With the world’s population continuing to blur the boundaries between business and consumer life through an ever-increasingly connected planet, social networking is now considered a global phenomenon. With analysts forecasting that social networking will be the top communications mechanism by 2015*, Research In Motion® (RIM®) experts at the BlackBerry® Innovation Forum 2011 events are discussing how social networking is making the shift from purely consumer use into the enterprise.

Businesses are adopting and using social networking at a phenomenal rate. As Erik Vermeulen, Keynote Speaker at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum in South Africa, stated:

“At this point, 7/10 SMB’s already believe that Social Media is allowing them to get closer to their customers. When we consider that businesses who use Social Media are twice as likely to see opportunities as their competitors who don’t, it’s best to become an early adopter than being an observer. Dive in, start engaging, and partner with experienced users to develop a strategy.”

Social Networking is rapidly becoming a vital business tool, with companies being able to use the mechanism to add benefits to almost every department of a business – from marketing and customer service to product development and human resources.

Social businesses, no matter what their size, need to communicate, ideally in near real time, across a network of clients, partners, and employees. With the use of mobile in enterprise continuing to increase, companies are looking at ways in which they can integrate social networking on smartphones and tablets within departments to help collaboration, deepen customer relationships, reach decisions quicker, and enable a more effective workforce overall.

The video above discusses how different companies are integrating mobility and in particular are using BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) to connect and collaborate for business use. BBM is a social networking platform with approximately 50 million active users and 5.2 million different BBM groups. Companies are benefiting greatly by using social networking to help boost collaboration and create virtual enterprise communities.

For highlights from our BlackBerry Innovation Forum 2011 in Johannesburg, check out the video. For more information on our BIF11 series in EMEA, follow us @BBEMEABusiness and join the conversation using #BIF11.

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