BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing version 2.0 Now Available


BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing

The introduction of the free BlackBerry® Mobile Conferencing app in June was a huge hit with BlackBerry® smartphone users, and we received a great amount of positive feedback as well as suggestions for improvement through the BlackBerry® Beta Zone community. Today I’m excited to announce that BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing version 2.0 is available on the BlackBerry® App World™ storefront. IT managers also have the option of downloading the app from our Software Download Site and pushing the app to end-users.

For those who are unfamiliar with the app, BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing is designed to make your mobile conferencing experience far simpler and more convenient. The app is designed to automatically pull conference call information out of invitations and appointments on your BlackBerry smartphone. It then takes that information and creates a simple one-click “Join Now” button that pops up at the meeting time or the meeting can be accessed from within the appointment in your calendar. On top of this ease of access, you can reconnect with one click if you drop from a call. The app also allows you to manage your own conference profiles which can be included in appointments and invitations. See the BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing website for further details.

The app is still free, and is designed to operate whether you’re on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server or on the BlackBerry® Internet Service. Mobile Conferencing is currently available in the United States and Canada only, with plans to expand to additional regions in the near future.

Here’s what’s new in version 2.0:

Improved Detection of Conference Call Details
The Mobile Conferencing app is designed to now recognize even more conference information when it is included in invites and calendar appointments, and automatically allow attendees to “Join Now”.

Conference Call ID
Now you can more easily recognize and keep track of past calls. When you join a conference call, the meeting subject will now appear as the caller ID on your smartphone, as well as in your call history. This also means that past conference calls will appear in your Universal Search on BlackBerry® 6 and BlackBerry® 7 OS smartphones, again named by meeting invite subject. Lastly, on BlackBerry 7 OS devices, the voice-enabled Universal Search results can also pull up these past conference calls by subject.

Conference Profiles Increased to 10
Users can instantly add preset conference call details to almost any meeting they schedule by selecting from up to ten stored profiles.

Private Moderator Codes
BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing is designed to now manage participant and moderator information to help maintain confidentiality. Invites sent using conference profiles stored on your BlackBerry smartphone will now only contain the participant code when viewed by attendees. If you are the moderator of a conference call, the app will check with your stored conference information and provide you with the moderator code automatically.

Convert an Email Thread into a Conference Call
Help put an end to long email threads by scheduling a conference call with email participants in just a few clicks. The sender and recipients are included as attendees, the subject of the email becomes your meeting subject, and the body is copied into the invite automatically. Just add your conference details from a stored profile, click send, and you’re all set.

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing

To learn more, check out the Mobile Conferencing website as well as the original blog post for version one. To download BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing, head over to BlackBerry App World.

Do you use BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing regularly? What’s your favorite feature? Share in the comments!

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