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It’s no secret that many large and small/medium sized businesses (SMBs) have plunged into the world of social media with a variety of goals, on a variety of channels and at varying frequency. This may seem like an obvious statement, and it very well may be. But I believe that many small and medium businesses have only tapped the surface in terms of the value that can be gained from social activity, especially considering the relatively low investment required to begin participating in the social sphere.

Marcy, our SMB expert and author of the “SMB Cloud Series” (be sure to check out her posts on Cloud Storage, The Mobile Web, and Accounting in the Cloud – stay tuned for more in the series!) steered the ship on the below video outlining how BlackBerry can help SMB’s stay connected to the social web.

[YouTube link for mobile viewing]

I won’t get into pages and pages of how businesses can use social media to drive value, but know that there is activity in the social media space around customer relationship management, content and engagement for brand awareness, a wide reach for communication, customer service and support, recruitment, and market insights for uses like product or service development (to name a few). Feel free to check out a whitepaper on Mobile Social Networking via Computerworld.

A Million Things to Do

Running a small or medium sized business clearly means taking on a variety of roles as an individual, and you may not yet be at the point where you can bring in a few social media managers, community managers, copywriters, and platform experts. For you (or whoever is heading up your social initiatives), staying connected and keeping tabs on multiple social channels can prove to be challenging and time-consuming. This is where we can help! BlackBerry software and operating systems on smartphones and tablets have become progressively social-friendly, and are now at the point where they can serve as your hub of communications to not only monitor, but also actively engage in social activities in pursuit of your business goals.

Consolidate your social media management into one place and take it with you on the go with social applications, including BlackBerry Social Feeds and a unified inbox, available for BlackBerry devices. Don’t forget to stay looped into our very own BlackBerry social communities too!

How does your business use social media? Share in the comments below.

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