Introducing the BlackBerry App World Enterprise Solution for BlackBerry PlayBook


The private BlackBerry App World™ Enterprise app solution has officially arrived with BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0! This solution is designed to provide a streamlined framework for enterprises to deploy mobile applications for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users within their organization. The enterprise app catalog exists as a private channel within the BlackBerry App World storefront on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and offers a simple way for users to access approved and mandated apps that are managed by their internal IT department.

The growing trend in the enterprise space towards enabling a mobile workforce has meant the deployment of mobile apps, and the subsequent need and opportunity to streamline and organize the tools available to employees. Consistency and optimization in these apps can bring both efficiency and greater ROI to mobile investments. The Work app catalog in BlackBerry App World helps to make sure that your employees have easy access to enterprise apps managed by your organization – including updates to existing apps that are currently in use within your business.

App Availability

IT administrators are often looking to improve processes and efficiency within their organization. While they can request users to download certain applications, the new enterprise app catalog within BlackBerry App World provides IT admins with an easy way to distribute applications to BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users through BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion. It also allows users to access those apps from one convenient repository. When the user is connected to the corporate network, a “Work” app catalog will appear in BlackBerry App World, which can include group licensed apps purchased by the company and custom apps developed for the business.

Employees can download and manage these work apps the same way that they manage any other apps in BlackBerry App World. Apps listed in the Work app catalog include standard information such as available updates, current version, and more. The Work app catalog utilizes BlackBerry® Balance™ technology which is designed to separate work apps from personal apps in an easy and convenient way for both users and IT admins.

An Example

Consider an organization that has implemented software to track the operations of various internal groups on a variety of mobile devices including BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. The IT group utilizes the Work app catalog within BlackBerry App World to make the mobile version of the app available to all BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users. When users open BlackBerry App World on their device and explore the “Work” app catalog, they will see the app is available for use.

Six months later, a new version of the app has been released and it becomes a priority for the IT group within the organization to have all employees operating with consistent versions of the app in order to remain functional. Updates can be made available through the Work app catalog and downloaded by users in a timely manner.


In order to utilize the new BlackBerry App World Enterprise solution, you’ll need a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet running BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, and BlackBerry Mobile Fusion.

Next Steps

Head over to the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion web site to investigate further and to try out BlackBerry Mobile Fusion for free for 90 days!

Does your business use mobile apps internally? Is this a consistent experience for employees? Share your current setup in the comments.

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