Case Study: Entrepreneur Builds Business with Help of BlackBerry Messenger


Antyk Butyk

For entrepreneurs who start a new business, one of the keys to success is finding the right channel for selling products. For Windy Dana, who designs, manufactures and sells her own jewelry in Indonesia, that channel is BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™).

“In Jakarta, BlackBerry® smartphones are a ‘vital’ communications tool,” said Dana, the founder and owner of the popular blogstore, Antyk Butyk. “When I contact people in Indonesia, they always ask me for my BlackBerry PIN rather than for my phone number or email address. Everyone here uses BBM.”

Dana moved back to Indonesia from Australia, where she got a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in multimedia studies, and she quickly learned that road traffic in Jakarta was so busy and slow that it made selling jewelry in person difficult. So, she started marketing her jewelry through BBM, using the app’s Groups feature.

BBM is an easy-to-use, chat-style app that makes free-flowing conversations between multiple users—up to 30 per group—easy and fast in near real-time. In addition, it allows users to send pictures, broadcast messages and record voice notes, making it easy for Dana to share her designs and products with her BBM Groups within seconds.

“What’s great about BBM Groups is that everyone in the group can see the information in real-time and answer questions, so the group becomes a self-running community where other members help eachother out by answering questions and sharing information, which makes my job much easier.”

For Dana, BBM isn’t just a communications tool – it’s also a valuable business and operational tool. Dana uses her BlackBerry smartphone and BBM as the centerpieces of her business, using them for client and internal communication, marketing, lead generation and even customer service.

“BBM helps me to understand what my customers want, which I can see either by following the group discussions in BBM or by communicating directly with them for customer service.”
BBM is also very cost-effective for Dana’s business, since it uses very little data. She relies almost exclusively on her data plan and makes almost no use of voicemail, which makes her communications bills predictable and keeps them low.

This comes in especially handy when Dana organizes sales events, also known as “bazaars”, to showcase and sell her jewelry. She uses her BlackBerry smartphone to capture high-quality photos and videos and shares them with customers in a matter of seconds, attaching them to invitations to attend her bazaars.

And since BBM allows group members to sync their calendars with each other and send calendar invitations, Dana can keep her group members up to date and remind them of upcoming bazaars.
With the help of BBM and the BBM Group functionality, Dana has grown her Antyk Butyk business, and now employs five employees in total. Her employees help her with the production and delivery of the jewelry but Dana remains the one who sells and markets the products.

“I still design the jewelry myself and my staff helps me to make the quantity that our customers request. Marketing and communication with customers is still handled only by me.”

Dana’s business now is thriving and she is very thankful that BBM provides her with the tools she needs to run her business. She concluded: “Without BBM, I might already be out of business.”

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