The Value of BlackBerry World Tracks: Q&A with the Track Leader for BlackBerry Solutions for Your Organization and Industry


The BlackBerry Solutions for Your Organization and Industry track at BlackBerry World™ 2012 is always popular because of its broad appeal. It attracts business leaders, IT architects and senior managers working with BlackBerry in their enterprise or government organization. I talked to Wes M., the track leader and Senior Market Development Manager at Research In Motion® (RIM®) to get his views of the sessions this year.

BIZ BLOG: Since your focus is government customers, are the sessions in this track designed mainly for government audiences?

Wes M.: We always have terrific attendance from people in government at this track, given that many of the sessions are geared toward government interests. But we’ve also found a lot of other enterprise attendees from different industries who want to come and learn at these sessions. In many ways, governments can be thought leaders, and a lot of people want to come and hear what’s taking place. For example, we’re featuring a session called Strengthening Law Enforcement with BlackBerry Solutions that talks about police cars mounted with the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. The takeaway from this session is how tablets can be used in any aspect of public service or field service to mobilize access to important information, easily and cost-effectively.

BIZ BLOG: How did you determine which sessions would be the best to feature this year?

Wes M.: This is my fourth BlackBerry World, so we did two things. First, we looked at the most highly rated sessions from last year, and that gave us a core set of sessions which we then adapted to reflect today’s technology developments. So you’ll see sessions like BlackBerry and Government: Boosting Productivity and Reducing Costs and Best Practices for Enterprise Mobile Social Networking.

Then we focused on key customers that could tell their story so our attendees could learn from a colleague’s experiences. Banking on BlackBerry: How Financial Services Companies and their Customers Benefit looks at the success banks are having reaching out to their customers with mobile banking apps. There’s also a good session on the opportunities in healthcare covered by BlackBerry in Healthcare: Enhancing Communications, Care and Collaboration.

BIZ BLOG: Are there any hot topics you want to highlight?

Wes M.: There are a lot of new opportunities we’ll be featuring, such as using Citrix Receiver™ on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Now you can begin accessing information from your desktop from anywhere you are in the world. This is really relevant for the U.S. Federal government, which is a huge advocate of teleworking. Citrix Receiver is a perfect remote access solution for people that can’t be at the office but need to access their office PC.

BIZ BLOG: Are there any events beyond the sessions that government attendees will want to attend?

Wes M.: Government Day is always really useful. We often have about 200 people registered for this event on Monday, April 30th, 2012. This year we have a worldwide focus, so there will be speakers from Latin America, Asia-Pacific and North America. It’s a unique opportunity to hear about compelling mobile applications using the BlackBerry solution that are being deployed by governments around the world. Customers from several regions will be discussing how their challenges have been solved with BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry tablets. This year, we’ll be hosting a panel that’s really going to get people involved in talking through the issues that affect governments today.

It’s easy to be a part of this event. When you register, indicate you were planning to attend Government Day, and you can add this to your record by logging back into the registration system or by contacting Registration Services at

Why will you attend the sessions in this track? Let us know in the comments.

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