BlackBerry World 2012 Track Preview: “Products and Deployments” will help give you the foresight to plan ahead of the competition


Adam R. is heading up the BlackBerry® Products and Deployments track at BlackBerry World™ 2012. This track is designed for IT administrators managing BlackBerry solutions in their enterprise who want to get more out of their infrastructure. Adam is a veteran of BlackBerry World and the Manager of Enterprise Product Management at Research In Motion® (RIM®) – his team spearheads the BlackBerry products designed for our enterprise customers. I wanted to get his take on this track and what we can all look forward to. Here’s what he told me about the sessions and why they’re so valuable to our attendees:

Biz Blog: What can attendees look forward to in your track this year?

Adam R.: The strategy behind the BlackBerry Products and Deployments track this year is to really let our customers know about the new software products that are coming down the pipe from RIM. We’re featuring many sessions on BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion because this product is really the evolution of the much-favored BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. Understanding what this product is about really shows where RIM is heading in the future for managing BlackBerry devices along with other devices. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is really part of a larger topic, Mobile Device Management, which is an issue we know many organizations are now struggling with. There is a proliferation of employee-owned devices or a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend in organizations that’s creating challenges for IT teams. The BlackBerry Products and Deployments track will show how BlackBerry is addressing this key challenge.

Biz Blog: Is this a track that will appeal mainly to IT administrators?

Adam R.: I’d say yes and no. IT administrators are the ones struggling with questions like: how do I manage all these devices my employees are bringing to work? How can I not worry about enterprise data leaking? So yes, we have a big focus on what we’re doing to offer the tools that IT administrators need so they can have control while still allowing users to have the device experience they want. There are many sessions such as Mobile Device Management: Reducing the Administrative Challenges that are deep dives into this material.

But I think this track has a broader appeal to anyone who is an IT decision-maker, or even executive level leaders. When we talk about Mobile Device Management, it’s not just about the servers – it’s about the strategy for how to deal with overall mobile issues like voice management. One of the key sessions here is The BlackBerry Office: Replace Laptops and Desk Phones for Your Mobile Workforce. We also have sessions like BlackBerry Web Services: Simplify Your BlackBerry Administration that will appeal to developers looking to interact with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server on a programming level. So it runs the gamut.

Biz Blog: How do you think people should choose which sessions to attend in your track?

Adam R.: If I was to give anyone advice about BlackBerry World, it would be to try to attend as many sessions as you possibly can. It’s a fantastic place to learn about things you already have in your environment and to hear about other services that may be new to you. One of the great advantages of this conference is you get to see what your peers are doing – not just in your industry, but also in other industries. You’re sitting next to people who share your interests, but often from a different perspective. Some of the key sessions in our track focus on new products that make like easier for administrators like BlackBerry® Balance technology, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion and the BlackBerry® Device Service:

There are also sessions that are favorites for our attendees, and we’re running them again this year:

Biz Blog: Why do people tell you they come back to BlackBerry World every year?

Adam R.: People tell me that it’s the quality of the content. There’s not a lot of product marketing or sales going on. The sessions are really focused on helping give people a deep understanding of the product or strategy. Plus, I really like reconnecting with people I’ve met over the years. It’s exciting for me to see how their deployment has progressed and what they’re trying now.

For anyone who registers for BlackBerry World and signs up for the sessions in the BlackBerry Products and Deployments track, our speakers are almost entirely from the product management side of RIM — so they have a sound knowledge of the products. If anyone has unanswered questions, this is the place to be!

To our readers, tell us which administrative challenge you’re facing and what you hope to learn at the conference. Answer in the comments below.

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