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International law firm Clifford Chance LLP (Clifford Chance) has long been a customer of the BlackBerry® solution. When the firm decided to allow staff to bring in their own devices to work, they wanted to avoid the complexity and cost of having to manage multiple platforms. With the release of BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion, Clifford Chance saw the opportunity to use the Universal Device Service to manage its employees’ devices with a single, centralized console. By combining this one-platform enterprise management console with the security and flexibility provided by BlackBerry Balance™ technology for BlackBerry users, the BlackBerry solution helps Clifford Chance to run a more modern, efficient and productive workplace.

Anthony Vigneron, Platform Services Leader at Clifford Chance, spoke with us about why the firm decided on BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, the benefits of working with BlackBerry Balance technology and his upcoming session at BlackBerry World™.

Biz Blog: Why was it important for your law firm to implement BlackBerry Mobile Fusion?

AV: We’ve been a customer of Research In Motion® (RIM®) for more than 10 years. BlackBerry smartphones are important productivity devices for our staff and in terms of reliability of service, global capability and total cost of ownership, the BlackBerry platform is in my opinion unbeatable. That’s why our preference has always been to work with the BlackBerry platform to manage all mobile devices in the enterprise. Users want to bring their own devices to work, and rather than adding layers of complexity and having to manage more policies and integrations, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows us to simply work with the enterprise-grade Mobile Device Management solution that we’ve been using for years. We found that it was simple to implement on top of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, it is much more efficient than working with multiple platforms, and it is absolutely the right answer to manage longer-term a diverse set of devices such as BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets, Android™ smartphones and iOS® devices.

Biz Blog: In your opinion, how do features like BlackBerry Balance technology help make BlackBerry Mobile Fusion the best enterprise management option for your law firm?

AV: Technology has to be designed to function the way people actually behave and work. People don’t want to work in sandbox environments that are tightly controlled, limit access and force them to continuously set passwords when switching between applications. BlackBerry Balance technology allows end users to easily switch between different entry points on the same device and work the way they normally would without technology getting in the way. It allows us to offer a seamless experience to users on their corporate BlackBerry device and meet consumer needs, employee needs and business needs at once. With BlackBerry Balance technology we can have employees use their own BlackBerry smartphones while maintaining control of all corporate data. Combining this feature with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is hugely important to us.

Biz Blog: What are some of the main benefits that BlackBerry Mobile Fusion has offered your firm?

AV: We’ve experienced a number of benefits. Using BlackBerry technology, our firm has experienced reduced costs in carrier billings especially when compared to other solutions we have used on a similar scale. Designing the service for the way people work, which in my opinion, is not a given with some other solutions, benefits not only our end users but also increases productivity amongst all staff. Right now users work with a variety of devices and BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows us to benefit from the existing agreements we already have in place with RIM. Whether it’s the bottom line impact, reputation, security, or the competitive advantage, our focus remains firmly on RIM and its overall BlackBerry mobility service.

Biz Blog: What message will you be delivering at BlackBerry World?

AV: We believe in RIM and truly see it as the best platform possible. There is a very real message that we believe needs to be delivered, which is that we believe the BlackBerry platform can help a business achieve a modern workplace. We think that there are very smart people in companies around the world who can be more productive on the BlackBerry platform than on anything else. It’s all about using technology to help deliver services that are attuned to how people work and live. Quite simply, we think that BlackBerry Balance technology and BlackBerry Mobile Fusion are win-wins, both for the businesses that manage devices and the end users that work with them.

Be sure to check out Anthony Vigneron’s session at BlackBerry World 2012 (Session ID WA59): Be the Modern Workplace with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion and BlackBerry Balance. Add this, and other sessions, to your schedule at www.blackberryworld.com.

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