RIM CEO Thorsten Heins shares a sneak peek of BlackBerry 10 features during BlackBerry World 2012 Keynote [VIDEO]


We’re all very excited about BlackBerry® 10, and we know that you’ve been waiting for details about the upcoming mobile computing platform from Research In Motion® (RIM®) to be launched in the latter part of this year. Today during the BlackBerry World™ 2012 general session keynote address, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins shared a sneak peek of BlackBerry 10 software to illustrate not only what we’re building in terms of features, but to also go deep on the philosophy behind the interactive design.

BlackBerry 10 is being crafted to provide a compelling user experience that is intuitive and extremely responsive, allowing you to instinctively increase your productivity and to stay ultimately connected to all aspects of your life. Check out the video below to see a hint of what’s to come!

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

It was great to see a hint at how BlackBerry 10 will focus on the ease of access to applications, communications, and functionality. No bones about it: This will be all about giving you the ability to quickly multitask in an intelligent manner and provide you with the information and connections that you need most often.

The keyboard being designed for BlackBerry 10 deserves a call-out. Tactile keyboards that provide a lightning-fast typing experience are a part of our proud BlackBerry® heritage. This is an expertise that, having been clearly demonstrated in BlackBerry smartphones, is being artfully and thoughtfully engineered into a touch-screen environment. We know that your typing experience is paramount, and we’re excited to share the developmental process as each detail of this interaction is considered.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Prototype

In order to support the BlackBerry developer community and ensure that the launch of BlackBerry 10 in the latter part of this year provides you with rich app experiences, attendees of BlackBerry 10 Jam have been provided with prototype BlackBerry 10 software on Dev Alpha devices. In no way do these represent final BlackBerry 10 hardware or software. Along with the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK, BlackBerry 10 Cascades and the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK launched this week, these developer devices will help enable BlackBerry developers to begin working on BlackBerry 10 apps right away.

Stay tuned for more updates on BlackBerry 10 as we approach the launch in the latter part of this year. We plan on sharing updates as significant milestones are reached. In the meantime, know that this platform is on all levels being designed with your personal and professional needs in mind. Let’s take it to a whole new level.

What are you most looking forward to in BlackBerry 10? What was your favorite feature included in the video? Share in the comments below.

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