Catching Up with Mobile Innovation and the Police Cruiser Loaded with BlackBerry Technology [VIDEO]


It’s been about 9 months since the first of these police cruisers rolled through RIM campus in Waterloo, and I’m excited to catch up with the Mobile Innovation team here at BlackBerry World™ 2012 to see what’s new. Alongside the Porsche 911 and its debut at CES 2012, this vehicle displays a fantastic example of how BlackBerry® technology is making strides in the auto industry. There has been a high level of interest from police forces and public service groups internationally due to the benefits of this integration and the benefits that it brings for law enforcement.

Safety, mobility, portability, and rapid access to data are crucial to public services, and this police cruiser is slick in its display of each of these features. Additionally, technology that is securely manageable is a must-have requirement for implementations in this industry – something that BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion brings to the table when considering police-issued BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets. The best part? BlackBerry Mobile Fusion prepares these forces for the future with the capability to manage upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Check out the video below to view some of the features in action, and to hear it straight from the Mobile Innovation team behind this vehicle:

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

Fitting in well after Government Day on April 30th, this solution is an example of embedded BlackBerry technology and is still impressive the second time around. It’s like a slice of the future when it comes to law enforcement and mobile tech.

What’s your favorite aspect of the cruiser? Can you see applications for this in community safety and law enforcement? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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