Turning insight into action: Getting things done post-BlackBerry World


The Monday after a long weekend. The morning after a great time with friends. The month after BlackBerry® World™. How do you recover from such intense awesomeness – engaging, inspiring, exciting, informative events – to get back to the 9-to-5 routine? For me, it’s been a particularly tough transition this year. After this BlackBerry World event with 16-hour days, interactions with over 5000 customers, announcements around the Research In Motion® (RIM®) software product roadmap, and of course BlackBerry® 10…I’m back to daily status meetings, budget submissions, and correcting spelling mistakes in presentation documents.

Attending any conference, especially BlackBerry World, will get you inspired. You see the possibilities, you hear what other organizations are doing with the same technology (and constraints) you have, you meet with integrators and developers that can help you re-engineer your business processes…but come Monday morning, you still have to fill out that TPS report.

So, how do you prioritize the opportunities that are in front of you? How do you capitalize on the conference learnings before the momentum dies down?

I certainly have my own “back to work” challenges – not the least of which is editing nearly 50 videos captured during BlackBerry World! But I also have a list of longer-term ideas that were generated from BlackBerry World customer feedback and session content. I’m curious though as to what you took away from BlackBerry World. To use the Getting Things Done vernacular, what’s your “Next Action”? Here are some possible examples:

  • Upgrading your organizations device collection to the current BlackBerry® 7 OS platform:
    • Providing access to faster browsing, multiple form factors, WiFi® Calling, BlackBerry® Travel, etc.
  • Launching department specific tablet computing pilot projects:
    • Using a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet as a laptop replacement
    • Equipping new, previously non-mobile, teams with tablets
  • Moving to BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 5.0, perhaps in preparation for:
  • Documenting (or creating) your organizations mobile strategy:
    • Bring Your Own Device policies and Authorized device preferences
    • Defining application access and permission criteria
    • User and company rights, responsibilities, and warnings
  • Building (and perhaps ‘pushing’ out and managing through BlackBerry Mobile Fusion) your first (or next!) corporate application.

These are just the obvious tasks — there are hundreds of small sub-tasks and niche ideas. Clearly there’s a lot to be done in the coming months, and BlackBerry World has inspired IT leaders from around the world to ‘redefine possible’.

So, what’s on your post-BlackBerry World to-do list? How are you prioritizing these items? How do you make sure things don’t fall off the radar? Not only would your IT peers appreciate your advice, experience, and insight, but right now I could personally use some suggestions before my own project list falls to the wayside! Let us know in the comments.

About Roger B.

Joining Research In Motion® (RIM) in 2001, Roger has worked in BlackBerry® Alliance Marketing, vertical segment marketing and product marketing. By leveraging this diverse background, for the past few years Roger has been involved with market research, analyst relations, and other research initiatives. A graduate of the Ivey Business School and MIT’s Executive program in Strategy & Innovation, Roger has been involved in technology marketing for the past 15 years working in Asia, Europe, and North America. Passionate about the impact technology has on people and processes, he brings this vast array of experiences together as a lead contributor to the “BlackBerry For Business” social media presence.

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