Get a hands-on look at BlackBerry 7 and the BlackBerry PlayBook during an upgraded Washington D.C. commute


May is an exciting month for BlackBerry® government customers who work in Washington D.C. — we want to give you a hands-on look at BlackBerry® 7 OS smartphones and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets. I had the pleasure of heading down to Washington last week to see the action for myself, and to chat with many of you to hear what you had to say about BlackBerry 7 and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Business Class Commuting

That loud morning alarm, the coffee that takes too long to brew, the traffic that jams itself up faster than you thought possible… No one likes to commute, that’s for sure. But, we figured that if you’ve got to do it, we might as well provide a free and comfortable option for you to do it in style! Introducing “business class commuting” for the month of May: a BlackBerry shuttle service for those of you heading into and out of Washington D.C. If you see one of these shuttles, climb aboard! Not only will you handle the early morning trek in comfort, you’ll also have a chance to try out BlackBerry 7 smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, which we’ve made available in the shuttles and loaded up with apps and bookmarks we think you might like.

The response that I’ve seen so far has been fantastic. Beyond the free ride, individuals are really learning new things about BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, and how they can be leveraged in amazing ways for both personal and work purposes. Don’t take my word for it – check out the video below:

[YouTube link for mobile viewing]

Appy Hours Have Arrived!

One more thing before you run out the door to find a BlackBerry commuter shuttle: “Appy Hours” are also being introduced in May. The first was on Thursday May 10th, and there will be a second on May 30th from 6-8pm at Bullfeathers. If you missed the opportunity to get your hands on a BlackBerry 7 smartphone or a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, this is your chance! You’ll also be able to ask questions, explore some of the incredible government use cases going on with this technology, and unwind after a long day.

Have you upgraded to BlackBerry 7 yet? If not, head over to to get the full scoop. If you have, share your favorite feature in the comments below!

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