We Connected with the SMB Community for a Twitter Chat! Here’s the 2012 #BBSMBchat Recap


This past Monday July 9th, we hosted the second annual #BBSMBchat Twitter chat. Once again we were joined by small business experts and founders of the Small Business Influencer Awards, Ramon Ray and Anita Campbell. I know that I speak for Ramon and Anita as well as myself when I say that once again the participants impressed us with their insight, advice and knowledge. The chat was a huge success because of the insights that you, the SMB community, shared. I want to personally say thank you so much to everyone who participated!

This year, our chat focused on how running a small business has changed in the past decade. The questions highlighted past challenges and successes that small business owners have faced over the years and focused on current obstacles and achievements involved in running a small business today. The chat had over 100 participants who tweeted more than 700 tweets with the #BBSMBchat hashtag during the chat and over 900 tweets throughout the entire day! What really made me happy to see is that over HALF of the participants were tweeting from BlackBerry® devices! It’s great to know that some of you didn’t have to be sitting behind a desk or at a computer, and that your BlackBerry device enabled you to participate from wherever was most convenient for you.

I want to share some of my favorite answers to a few of the questions, but I urge each of you to search the hashtag and check out the entire chat again. With so many tweets, the chat was hard to keep up with and I know that I saw a lot of new tweets that I had missed when I went back to reread the conversation. Again, thank you to everyone who participated. The small business community has such a strong presence on Twitter®, and your peers really are your best resource.

How are the challenges of starting a new business now different than they were ten years ago?

Who are some of the people/orgs who you follow on Twitter that provide good advice to help your #smallbiz?

What influences #SMBs the most today? Was it the same ten years ago?

How has social media evolved the small business space?

Is it harder or easier to keep up with emerging trends in #smallbiz than it was ten years ago? Why?

How has the internet changed the way you stay updated about #smallbiz and your industry? What sources do you get news from?

Who do you consider to be a #smallbiz legend? Alternatively, do you know of any emerging and promising fresh faces?

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is about to start their own small business?


Show your support to members of the small business community by nominating a company, organization, app, or individual who has made a significant impact in the North American small business market for a Small Business Influencer Award. Nominations close this Sunday, July 15, 2012.

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