We’re hosting #BBSMBchat Tonight!


Follow our Twitter® handle @BlackBerry4Biz this evening as we host #BBSMBchat and discuss how running a small business has changed in the past decade. #BBSMBchat will highlight past challenges and successes that small business owners have faced over the years and focus on current obstacles and achievements of running a small business now. Through this chat, small business owners can swap stories, share advice and network with peers to gain insight into strategies for running a successful business today.

Join us and our guests of honor – small business experts Anita Campbell and Ramon Ray – tonight, Monday July 9th, from 7-8pm EST.

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, or you need a refresher, check out our blog post from last week. Below is a list of the questions we’ll ask during the chat tonight.

  • How are the challenges of starting a new business now different than they were ten years ago? #BBSMBchat
  • Who are some of the people/orgs who you follow on Twitter that provide good advice to help your #smallbiz? #BBSMBchat
  • What influences #SMBs the most today? Was it the same ten years ago? #BBSMBchat
  • How has social media evolved the #smallbiz space? #BBSMBchat
  • What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is about to start their own small business? #BBSMBchat
  • Is it harder or easier to keep up with emerging trends in small business than it was ten years ago? Why? #BBSMBchat
  • How has the internet changed the way that you stay up to date about #smallbiz & your industry? What sources do you get news from? #BBSMBchat
  • Who do you consider to be a small business legend? Alternatively, do you know of any emerging and promising fresh faces? #BBSMBchat

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