Martha Stewart Living Uses BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to Help Cut Costs, Mobilize Employees


We recently had a chance to catch up with Steve Rollins, Vice-President of IT at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., who discussed with us the company’s experience implementing BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion. We’re clearly excited about the launch of this multi-platform Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, but it’s fantastic to see how it’s being used “on the ground” within organizations to help mobilize employees and bring tangible benefits. Check out what Steve had to say below:

Biz Blog: Why was BlackBerry Mobile Fusion an important product for Martha Stewart Living to implement?

As a company with publishing, broadcast and merchandising divisions, we create a lot of mobile content for consumers across a variety of platforms. Our corporate-deployed devices have always been BlackBerry® smartphones, but in order to meet the needs of our staff (employees that have to be familiar with a range of devices and how they differ from one another), we have definitely evolved into a cross-platform company. With the introduction of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, we can reduce the number of devices that people have to carry, expand the reach of the enterprise data to people who didn’t have access before and allow them to continue using the smartphone that best suits their particular work needs.

When we were initially looking at MDM software, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion was our number-one choice because it was simple to fit it into the infrastructure we had already built. That simplicity and the fact that we could secure other devices without assuming any significant cost were the biggest drivers.

Biz Blog: How does BlackBerry Mobile Fusion help keep sensitive company information more secure?

As a publicly-traded company, we’ve always relied on BlackBerry smartphones and the security of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server to help protect our financial data and comply with certain rules and regulations. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion has given us the flexibility to protect all of the important non-financial information that we don’t want in the public domain, whether it’s trade secrets or next year’s designs and partners. That’s the sort of information that gives us an advantage in the marketplace and BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows us to bring it back within the castle walls, so to speak. If someone happens to misplace their consumer device, it’s really important for us to have that ability to retrieve and protect that sort of data.

Biz Blog: What is another benefit that BlackBerry Mobile Fusion has offered your company?

When we were first looking into implementing BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, it was very important for us to be able to reduce the response time for employees to events that happen in the enterprise. It wasn’t fiscally responsible for us to give everyone a device of their choice, but being able to use BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows us to put data on their existing smartphone or tablet securely and allow them to respond to our business needs more efficiently.

Are you considering BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to manage your corporate liable and individual liable devices? Why is it important to your organization? Tell us about it in the comments.

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