5 Uses for the 1080p HDMI Output on Your BlackBerry PlayBook


One of my favorite features of the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet is the microHDMI output that allows you to connect to an HDMI-ready display. The ability to amplify what I see on my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in HD resolution on a big screen is not only a functional advantage, but also a delightful experience.

To get started, connect the standard HDMI port on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to any monitor or projector that supports HDMI, and you’re ready to go – it’s really that simple. Once you connect through the HDMI output, documents, attachments, downloads, presentations, photos, videos, music and slideshows all appear on the big screen in high-definition. Here are five great ways to use the HDMI output on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for both personal and business purposes.


Whether you’re in the office or on the road, the HDMI output on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet allows you to share high quality presentations. With the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you have many options for presenting. You can give traditional presentations using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, with Slideshow To Go®, the Video application, or even a PDF document. You can also enable presentation mode so that your audience will only see the presentation while you are able to multitask in the background. Bonus: Connect your BlackBerry® smartphone to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet via BlackBerry® Bridge and you can control the slides from your smartphone remotely over a Bluetooth® connection, providing you with mobility while you present. For more information on presenting using your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, check out the SlideShare™ deck below:

Photo and Video Sharing

Another way to use the HDMI output on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is to share photos and videos. Do you have videos to share from a recent conference you attended? Did you take photos of a project to show how it has evolved? How about whiteboard photos from a planning session? Share them at your next meeting with coworkers or clients in high-definition by connecting your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to a monitor or projector. Use the Video app to show coworkers or clients recorded demos and product videos or use the slideshow function to automatically scroll through photos.

Video Chat

Use the front or rear facing HD cameras and dual stereo speakers to video chat with a coworker using a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in another city. Connect your tablet to the big screen using an HDMI cable and the person on the other end can lead, join, or participate in a meeting from anywhere in the world.

View Documents, Media and Files from your BlackBerry smartphone

If you’re like me and use the file manager on your BlackBerry smartphone to download and organize attachments, documents, media and files, then you can use your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to access those files during a meeting or presentation. Simply connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with BlackBerry Bridge and use the HDMI output to view files on a TV or projector screen. You can also use your BlackBerry smartphone to gain full wireless control of your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet by activating the Remote Control within the BlackBerry Bridge app on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Use your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and Citrix Receiver as a Powered Desktop Workstation

Connect your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to a monitor through the HDMI output and use the Citrix Receiver app to get a full desktop experience. Connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to type and navigate as you would on a desktop computer. Through the Citrix™ Receiver app, you can have full access to Microsoft® Windows Desktops and applications as well as software, services, web-based apps and the full Microsoft Office Suite. Because the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is a multitasking power house, you have the ability to run multiple apps through both the Citrix environment and on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet itself.

You can also refer to our post Take Your Display to the Next Level with BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 & HDMI Cables for some tips and best practices when using the HDMI function on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

How have you used your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s HDMI output in your work? Share in the comments below.

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