Effective Communication and Collaboration with BlackBerry: New Webinars Available


Correctly leveraging Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) in your company can result in a massive return on investment. Rapid sharing of information, consolidation of document management, mobile access, and even Wi-Fi® calling all ladder into the idea of a productive workforce supported by an efficient infrastructure. One of the unique ways that we support enterprise customers is by providing a portfolio of tools, apps, servers, and systems that sit as a layer between your existing infrastructure and the activities of your employees, acting as an enabler for cost effective communication and collaboration.

We’ve got bright ideas already available and some on the way when it comes to supporting the diverse needs of an enterprise employee base. In the pursuit of continuing this support and adapting it for specific industry-based requirements, today we’ve made two webcasts available covering an overview of UCC, with one catered particularly to the healthcare sector.

Communication within any organization is crucial to business operations. And these days, email may not be enough – it can even bog you down with a loaded inbox and wasted hours sunk into reading and replying. With the introduction of voice technology such as BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System, as well as rapid communication and collaboration software like enterprise instant messaging, communication becomes efficient, streamlined, and unified. Employees can be reached at a single number whether at their desk or on the road. Calls can be transferred from the mobile network to your Wi-Fi network seamlessly and without dropping – representing significant cost savings. Instant messaging can be used for quick questions.

Clearly, the benefits of streamlining your organization’s unified communications and collaboration are numerous, not only for the bottom line in terms of cost savings, but also for keeping employees mobile, accessible, and collaborative.

What tools does your organization use to communicate and collaborate? Share in the comments below.

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