Open up the Doors to Personal Devices – BlackBerry Balance Keeps Corporate Data Safe and Cuts Costs [VIDEO]


The smartphone market has exploded in recent years, and now it seems that almost everyone has some make and model of personal device that they use on a daily basis. Many organizations are still provisioning smartphones to their staff or senior staff, but on the other side, employees are looking to bring in their own and would love the boost in productivity that would result from their work email being accessible on the go. For iOS® and Android™ smartphones, BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion allows unified device management from a web-based console. For BlackBerry® smartphones, BlackBerry® Balance™ is the unique solution that allows employee-liable devices to be used for both personal and work purposes. Check out the video below to see how it works:

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No one likes to carry two devices, but this is the reality for many individuals. Moreover, this represents a higher than necessary cost overall where one smartphone could be used. “Sorry honey, I thought our anniversary was next week…I must have put that into my work phone” isn’t something that anyone wants to hear!

Leading IT departments understand and are beginning to address this frustration, because it also represents a cost saving opportunity for organizations. BlackBerry Balance allows for the consideration of stability and security, but also the need for work-life balance and productivity for mobile workers.

An example can be found with Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd., one of India’s leading non-banking financial companies. Indiabulls deployed BlackBerry® 7 OS smartphones integrated with BlackBerry Balance software, and allows for both work and personal use. The security of corporate data is paramount in the financial industry, but in managing the devices using BlackBerry Balance technology, the employees are able to enjoy consumer-oriented features and apps. Check out the full case study below:

Learn more on the BlackBerry Balance website, or check out more case studies like the Indiabulls example. Does your organization use BlackBerry Balance technology? What benefits has it provided? Share in the comments below.

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