Professional Services Firm Tackles Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion


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TRC Companies, Inc. is an engineering services, consulting and construction management firm that serves a broad range of clients in government and industry. With 2,700 technical professionals and support personnel spread between more than 100 offices throughout the United States, TRC implements complex projects that address business challenges in the energy, environmental and infrastructure markets.

With mobile innovation at an all-time high and a variety of devices available to consumers in the business community, enterprises are now faced with a new challenge – the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend. Employees who use functional consumer devices now want to bring them to work and use them to handle the valuable tasks that businesses expect to be completed at any time and from any place.

Devank Kumar, Manager of Enterprise Systems and Network Security at TRC, understood that the BYOD trend could potentially save the company money in new devices and training, but only if he could meet the challenge of managing multiple mobile Operating System (“OS”) environments in the enterprise. A longtime BlackBerry® smartphone client, TRC wanted to avoid having to deploy multiple Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions that would result in additional costs and training for help desk staff to handle separate interfaces.

The company initially integrated a different MDM provider to manage the BYOD trend but quickly found that it did not offer the appropriate solution that it needed. When Research In Motion® (RIM®) announced BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion in late 2011; TRC Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer requested that the company implement it as soon as it became available as its multi-platform MDM solution.

“Our company liked the assurances that the BlackBerry solution offered,” said Kumar. “We have had BlackBerry smartphones deployed for many years and still manage more than 500 BlackBerry devices on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, so finding this simple, yet secure MDM solution was really important.”

TRC has started a gradual deployment process of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to manage its employee’s mobile devices throughout its U.S. offices. The company can now connect its existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server with iOS® and Android™ smartphones and tablets and manage them all from one place, integrating existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server management and security capabilities for iOS and for Android devices.

“It is a logical evolution for companies like us who have leveraged BlackBerry Enterprise Server in the past,” said Kumar. “Rather than require the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to co-exist with an outside MDM solution, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows us to maintain all of the benefits of our current BlackBerry solution and evolve with BYOD trends with one MDM.”

This BlackBerry solution will help to avoid the duplication of effort involved with managing multiple platforms separately and prevent the need to train its helpdesk to learn two different systems.

Deploying BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will also mean that the company can avoid dealing with multiple vendors, contracts and support calls. The company can call one number to receive tech support for management on BlackBerry smartphones as well as for other devices.

“It just makes sense,” said Kumar. “Why would we integrate a completely new system that takes time to put through a test environment and train the help desk when BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows us to move forward with one unified interface and management system?”

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