Intergraph’s new BlackBerry PlayBook App “Mobile Responder” featured at the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Conference


When considering emergency services, mobile technology has the capacity to provide great benefit in rapid availability of information, security, communication, and even GPS data for tracking locations. The BlackBerry® platform is well-suited to meet these needs and help to push police services forward into a new era of mobility that is secure, managed, accessible, and reliable.

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is holding their annual conference this year in Nova Scotia, and during the conference global engineering company Intergraph® is showcasing their new BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet app Intergraph Mobile Responder. Mobile Responder gives personnel in the field access to a Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, allowing for real-time situational awareness. A CAD system allows for dispatchers to view comprehensive information about where officers are located and what they’re responding to, and allows for much more intuitive and rapid deployment of first responders. The Mobile Responder app provides the capability to initiate queries, view responses, dispatch reports, update unit status, and issue emergency requests.

In addition to the app showcase, a police cruiser will be on-site at the conference including a dash-mounted BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in place of the traditional notebook computer. With mobile hardware integration into police vehicles, apps like Mobile Responder, back-end management, and end-to-end encryption of data, technology is beginning to be utilized as a holistic solution for police forces with positive results.

We’re excited to work with Intergraph and be a part of the transformation of law enforcement technology. Would your work be enhanced by a custom mobile application or access to data in the field? Share in the comments below.

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