How to add corporate email, calendar, and contacts to a BlackBerry 10 smartphone in simple steps


I’d like to share a BlackBerry® 10 experience that will make it simple and intuitive to add your work email account to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The process of adding smartphones or tablets into the fold of mobile device management should be straightforward for both IT administrators and employees. Our work in streamlining business mobility with BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 extends to the BlackBerry 10 platform with the process for enterprise activation. It’s straightforward; requiring just an email address, a one-time activation password, and an email account password. Whether a personal account or a work account, email is setup the same way with the BlackBerry Infrastructure helping to provide the server settings required. For a work account BlackBerry Balance immediately divides the device into work and personal spaces. The one-time activation password can be created by administrators, or set by end users via self-service tools. Check out the video below for the full scoop!

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

Whether your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is provided by an organization or brought in as a personal device, neither party needs to compromise on security or privacy. The BlackBerry Hub provides access to both work and personal email and social feeds, and a quick swipe down on the home screen allows for switching between work and personal spaces.

With the process for adding work email, calendar, and contacts to your smartphone becoming so straightforward with BlackBerry 10, would you be more likely to use your personal device for work? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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As Senior Director, Enterprise Product Management, at BlackBerry, Jeff Holleran is responsible for leading the team that sets the product strategy and roadmap for BlackBerry’s enterprise software offerings. Jeff has also held leadership roles in technical sales and solutions development since joining BlackBerry in November, 2001. Prior to joining BlackBerry, Jeff held senior IT positions in several large enterprise companies. Jeff holds a Computer Engineering degree from Florida Institute of Technology.

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