IA Clarington Investments Inc. Streamlines Information and Improves Customer Service Using BlackBerry [VIDEO]


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IA Clarington Investments Inc., a subsidiary of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc., provides a wide range of investment products including mutual funds and segregated funds managed by leading portfolio advisors across Canada.

With a highly mobile external sales force comprised of remote users spread from coast-to-coast, IA Clarington found that it was becoming increasingly difficult to efficiently deliver key information to its front lines. The company needed a way to deliver information – such as news items, marketing materials, and current activities within their territories – to its external sales staff. Since many of IA Clarington’s staff work remotely, communication between the teams was also becoming inefficient and complex. IA Clarington’s sales staff would meet with an advisor but wouldn’t be able to enter important information about the interaction into the CRM system until later in the day, meaning that key details would often be forgotten.

The company needed an easy-to-implement, cost-effective solution that would allow information to be shared more easily, free up administrative tasks, and increase productivity. The end result would be more time for external sales staff to focus on efforts important to its client base.

After the company implemented a highly successful web-based version of its Enterprise Information Management System (EIMS) on BlackBerry® smartphones in 2008, it launched a fully integrated BlackBerry application in 2011. The development tools, available documentation and advice from Research In Motion® (RIM®) staff convinced the company that it could develop the application in-house. “It’s been very easy to develop on the BlackBerry platform,” said George Ho, Vice-President of Information Systems and Technology at IA Clarington Investments Inc. “We haven’t run into any challenges, and the support that RIM provides through its forums has been phenomenal.”

To read more about the IA Clarington Investments Inc. case study, visit the BlackBerry Customer Success website. If you have your own BlackBerry success story, please let us know by contacting success@rim.com.

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