Remote Desktop Access on the way with BlackBerry 10: Splashtop Announces Development


When considering a mobile computing platform, concepts like connectivity, access to information on multiple devices, and maximizing functionality are paramount. Nothing embodies these and enables a mobile office like remote desktop access. With over 8 million users worldwide, Splashtop® is one of the leading providers of remote desktop access for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Here at BlackBerry® Jam Americas 2012 in San Jose, we’ve been able to catch up with Splashtop to learn more about their exciting plans for BlackBerry® 10. I caught up with Victor Chin of Splashtop to chat about the upcoming app and what the future holds. Check out the interview below for all of the details:

Biz Blog: Hi Victor, tell me about your role at Splashtop and what the company is all about.

I am the Director of Program Management at Splashtop. Splashtop is about improving your productivity, especially in this mobile era. Our goal is to enable any device to any device connectivity. We hope to empower our users while being un-tethered. Mobile is becoming more and more an integral part of our daily lives because we are able to do more without having to be in front of a computer.

We’ve heard the exciting news that you’re developing an app for BlackBerry 10. Can you share a few of the main features and functionality?

Yes, we started with Splashtop for the BlackBerry PlayBook and are now adding support for BlackBerry 10. The effort required to support Blackberry 10 has been minimal. For the most part our PlayBook application was able to run on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device; most of our effort was spent designing and coding to support the smaller screen size. Our Splashtop app provides Blackberry users with the ability to connect and control a Windows or Mac system from their BlackBerry PlayBook or BlackBerry 10 device, bringing BlackBerry users the power of their PC in their hand.

How was the development experience working with the BlackBerry 10 SDK’s?

Our experience has been very good. We reviewed the different options, and BlackBerry provided the ability to quickly get an application built. For instance, we were looking at using the Android tool to convert from an Android app into a BlackBerry app due to the quick turnaround time. However, we decided to use the Native SDK to get the most performance for our remote desktop app. I believe many of our reviewers appreciate this. Even with the Native SDK, the effort has been minimal to add BlackBerry 10 support after having developed for the PlayBook.

Do you see remote desktop access changing the way that mobile workers operate?

Yes, BlackBerry and the current PlayBook app are providing our users with the ability to be more productive while being mobile. They can have the power of a desktop while travelling with only a Playbook or Blackberry 10 device. Not only is there great productivity, but it is secure as well. No data is stored on the device; all of your data remains on your host system. So, if the BlackBerry device is lost or stolen, there is no data to worry about being compromised. We see this as a win-win solution.

What does Splashtop have planned for the future?

Splashtop continues to work on improving performance. We are dedicated to providing our users with the best in class performance. In addition, we continue to listen to our users and understand their use cases so we can enhance their experience with our Splashtop app and potentially other apps in the future.

Thanks for joining me today, Victor!

While devices like tablets are making the mobile office even more of a reality, apps and software like Splashtop create a thriving ecosystem of available functionality that extends to smartphones. Consider the vision of an office powered by BlackBerry 10; HDMI output at 1080p into an HD monitor, a Bluetooth®-connected keyboard and mouse, and remote desktop access to give you a full desktop experience. Add to this the unparalleled security of the BlackBerry infrastructure, protection of corporate data, and simple access to VPN profiles and corporate networks, and you can begin to grasp the future of mobility.

Do you use remote desktop apps in your work? How will you use Splashtop for BlackBerry 10 smartphones? Share in the comments below.

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