Box talks integration with BlackBerry 10, cloud storage access from within the platform [VIDEO]


“Cloud storage” – whether we call it that in our everyday conversation or not – is spreading like wildfire for both personal and business uses. In the office, almost every workflow involves working with files or documents, and passing them between employees through digital means. At home, we love to share photos with friends and family, or make sure that we have access to our files from a variety of computers and mobile devices. We’re always moving, we’re wearing many hats on any given day, and we want our digital content to come with us.

We’ve been working very closely with Box to bring a brand new experience to BlackBerry® 10 – deep integration with the cloud storage solution on many levels, right out of the box (no pun intended). From Documents To Go®, photos, videos, and more, you’ll be able to hit a “Share” button that includes social networks, messaging, and cloud storage services like Box. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to browse and interact with your Box folder from within the File Manager application. We caught up with the Box team at BlackBerry® Jam Americas 2012 to learn more – check out the video below for the full scoop!

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

Box functionality is integrated on many levels with the platform. We believe that it’s important to have quick and integrated access to the services that you use rather than having to close and open apps to get things done. It’s all part of the flow of BlackBerry 10.

Do you use cloud storage solutions? How will mobile integration with these types of services improve the experience for you? Share in the comments below.

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