Executive Car Service ETG Again Chooses BlackBerry Solution for Reliability and Security

Case Study

Each year, more than two million New York City corporate passengers get a ride with the Executive Transportation Group (ETG), whose clients include some of the largest and most notable government institutions, banks and law firms in the city.

ETG first deployed a BlackBerry® solution in 2005 to streamline communications and automate their dispatch process. In early 2012, ETG performed a four month review of smartphones and tablets, opting to stay with BlackBerry and upgrade their existing BlackBerry smartphones to a newer model.

As a company transporting top executives at financial institutions and important government officials, security is ETG’s number one concern. According to Mark Heminway, ETG’s Vice President of Operations and Business Development, “Some of our customers told us they use RIM products because they provide the most secure environment and we chose a BlackBerry solution because we want our clients to know we are taking security very, very seriously.”

For their 2012 upgrade, ETG deployed 1,800 BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphones to management and drivers. Because the company was already running on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, the new smartphones integrated seamlessly with the third-party, custom application that runs ETG’s automated dispatch system. This integration allows ETG to manage the workflow of their 200 employees and 1,800 vehicles.

“We operate 24/7, 365 days a year in a fast-paced, high-volume business,” said Heminway. “To stay competitive, we need a fast, reliable and highly secure mobile solution and that’s exactly what we’re getting with our BlackBerry solution.”

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