Neotelis Inc. Improves Training Program for Global Clients with BlackBerry Solution

Case Study

Neotelis Inc. is a Canadian telecom consulting company that collaborates with clients in more than 100 countries around the world, offering its expertise to telecommunications organizations through training, consulting and forums.

Neotelis, which originally offered courses in a traditional classroom setting, began to modernize its programs by offering virtual training, where participants could participate in live classes and select individual e-learning options. Deciding that the next evolution of its programs should involve mobile learning, the company launched a pilot program of its flagship Mini MBA course that provided all trainers and students with BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets equipped with the course material.

“Our trainers have given it rave reviews in terms of how it can work in a training environment,” said Michel Bruyère, owner of Neotelis. “We were easily able to incorporate links within the material that would allow students to access the browser and benefit from having this great device.”

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet allows the trainers and students to multitask between its many business and productivity features. Using the pre-loaded Documents To Go® feature, students easily switched between viewing, editing and formatting the course material using Microsoft® Word® documents, Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets and Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations.

When Neotelis mentioned BlackBerry PlayBook tablets in its invitation to the Mini MBA training session, they gained almost five times more click-throughs than a typical invitation. The company has also had businesses indicate that they would like to incorporate BlackBerry PlayBook tablets into the private sessions that it runs.

“Our clients recognize that these tablets help to enhance the learning experience,” said Bruyère. “Not only that, they also provide the chance to leave the session with a very useful device — both for professional and personal use.”

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