Upcoming Twitter Chat with Pablo Kulevicius, BlackBerry Security Director for Latin America


On Wednesday October 24th at 10:00 AM EST we are very excited to be hosting a Twitter® chat on @BlackBerryNgcio with Pablo Kulevicius, BlackBerry Security Director for Latin America, Research In Motion® (RIM®). This Twitter chat will be a unique opportunity to get to know Pablo and hear his views about security on the BlackBerry platform for consumer and enterprise, the relevance and outlook on the upcoming Blackberry 10 platform, and BlackBerry® Balance™.

Latin America is the intended audience for our Twitter Chat on Security, and we are expecting participants from all the Spanish speaking countries in the region, including Central America and the Caribbean.

We’re welcoming questions for Pablo from all of our communities – what would you like to ask him? Simply submit your questions via Twitter during the chat using the hashtag #BlackBerrySeguridad and Pablo will answer as many as he can next Wednesday.

Be sure to join us for a really exciting discussion – we’re looking forward to it! If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before or you need a refresher, here are some useful hints and tips to get you started:

What is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is an online conversation that takes place among a group of people on Twitter about a specific topic of interest. A hashtag, created by adding the # symbol to the beginning of any word, is used to keep track of the conversation. In this case, we’ll be using this hashtag to track the discussion: #BlackBerrySeguridad. You’ll need a Twitter account to participate. If you don’t have one, you can sign up at Twitter.com.

How do I participate?

We’ll be asking a list of questions from our @BlackBerryNgcio Twitter handle. Pablo will be answering questions from you! If you have a question for Pablo, an opinion, a story, or advice during the Chat, we want to hear from you! Twitter chats can become a great source of knowledge when people like you share their experiences.

Choosing the Right Tool to Track the Chat

To help you follow the conversation, we recommend using TweetChat, and we will be setting up a page to track the Chat. From this site, you will see the real time conversation of all tweets with #BlackBerrySeguridad. If you are logged in with your personal Twitter account, you will also be able to post all of your tweets directly from the site. Another way to track the chat is by searching #BlackBerrySeguridad in the search bar at the top of the Twitter homepage.

Best Practices

  • Remember that tweets are only 140 characters. If it seems a little difficult at first, don’t worry – all participants are condensing their thoughts too.
  • Differing opinions are always okay, but express your feelings in a courteous manner, please.
  • Retweet great comments and engage with other participants.
  • If you still have more information to share or questions to ask, you can always carry on the discussion on our BlackBerry for Business LinkedIn® group.

Please stay in touch! We’re always here to help, so feel free to ask us questions or share resources leading up to this exciting event.

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