How to start using social media in your business: Introducing the Better Business Hub


Social media can deliver commercial advantages to your business, but which social media channels should your company choose?

With the explosion of social media activity over the past few years, it has never been easier for businesses to get online, engage, and interact with their customers. From the rise of Twitter® and their 140 million active users to Facebook® now having over 1 billion users globally, the opportunity to connect and engage with prospects and customers in real-time makes social networking a key priority for many businesses.

To help businesses get started and get the right practical help, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Better Business Hub brought to you by BlackBerry®. It’s designed to spark inspiration and provide practical advice for helping small business professionals do better business and develop their own social media strategy. We think small businesses need the straight facts in order to maximize social media for their work. We’ll be packing the Hub full of best practice articles, videos, and case studies dealing with mobile social networking, social media, and business relationships.

With so many social networks available, the question many small business owners are now asking themselves is how do they decide which social networks to adopt, and how they should go about developing their company’s profile? To kick things off in the first of our video series, we caught up with Suzy Lloyd, Senior Manager for Social Media at BlackBerry, who has put together some top tips to describe what to consider when starting your business journey on social media.

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Is your organization looking to leverage social media for business? What are your top tips for integrating social media in your business? Share in the comments below.

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