Case Study: Upgrading a BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise with Minimal Downtime

Case Study

Tis’ the season for planning a BlackBerry Enterprise Server upgrade, particularly with the recent BES 5.0.4 update for Novell GroupWise, and the upcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 on its way in the new year. When planning and implementing an upgrade for your mobility management solution, it’s critical to consider and minimize downtime, maximize the speed and convenience of the upgrade, and make sure that the impact is low so that you can start enjoying the benefits of new features and functionality as an organization.

United Bank is a North American financial services company that has been in business since 1839 (just a few years before the first BES server). The company uses Novell GroupWise as their preferred mail platform, employing over 1,500 experts in over 100 full-service banking offices across the United States. Recently the Technical Services team at United Bank pursued an upgrade of their BES server to a pre-release version of the latest 5.0.4 update for Novell GroupWise deployments. In the financial services industry in particular, it’s important to minimize the impact of server upgrades.

“BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise – 4.0 had worked perfectly for the longest time and we were reluctant to upgrade because it was a rock solid build. I knew it was time to upgrade and I knew our success would be evaluated on our ability to provide bank employees and executives with complete continuity throughout the process.” -Willem Bagchus, Computer Systems Analyst at United Bank

Experts from Research In Motion (RIM®) were able to come alongside the United Bank technical team and aid with both planning and execution. “RIM was there when we flipped the switch,” said Bagchus. “We know it was a seamless and successful transition because through our monitoring, we verified that we didn’t receive a single call from users experiencing any issues with our internal upgrade.” Minimal downtime and business continuity allows an organization to experience the benefits of a server upgrade, rather than dreading the potential interruptions.

One of the factors that allowed such a seamless upgrade was the fact that BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise can be broken down into components and installed over a series of days. This allows for a thoughtful construction of the upgrade and the achievement of reliability and availability of services. We know that major technology upgrades, particularly those that can affect the flow of information and mobile data, are a serious concern. The BlackBerry technical support teams are available to assist with these types of upgrades and to help ensure that your business continues uninterrupted.

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